English-French – Bilingual Beginners – Sara Jordan – AudioBook CD

English-French – Bilingual Beginners Sara Jordan Book and CD Set Get other Childrens Language AudioBooks click here English-French – Bilingual Beginners – Sara Jordan – Audio Book CD Brand New (book and CD set): About English-French – Bilingual Beginners A great introduction to the new language with songs teaching: greetings alphabet counting to 12 about vowels consonants telling time animals food parts of the body family members colors opposites and much more! Packaged with a reproducible lyrics book. We also recommend the companion reproducible resource book enhancing what has been learned in the songs. About Sara Jordan Sara Jordan began composing music to boost literacy and numeracy in 1990. As a Special Education teacher at an inner-city Toronto vocational school she struggled to find ways to teach students labeled as learning disabled dyslexic or ;at risk to read write and perform basic math. Inspired Sara sat down at her keyboard and began composing ;songs that teach. Her first recording The 3R Rap was nominated for the prestigious Grawemeyer Award in Education by the University of Louisville for innovation with a potential for worldwide impact. To this day The 3R Rap remains a popular catalog title. During the infancy of her newly founded company – Jordan Music Productions Inc. operating as Sara Jordan Publishing – Sara a single mother of two was still working days as a teacher. In 1997 Sara resigned from her teaching job to pour all of her energy into her business. Sara Jordan Publishing has produced an impressive array of award-winning educational programs. Over 60 educational audio programs and resource books teach Math Phonics Health and Social Studies. Due to worldwide requests from parents and teachers alike most of her titles are now available in English more here…..

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