Czech-English and English-Czech Dicitonary

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Czech-English and English-Czech Dictionary Revised Edition Other Discover to Speak Czech Audio and Books click here Czech-English and English-Czech Dictionary – Paperback Paperback – 593pp Over 7500 entries Includes a phonetic guide to pronounciation in both languages A glossary of Czech menu terms Perfect for pupils and travelers Completely contemporary and up-to-date About the Czech Language Czech is regarded as the West Slavic languages together with Slovak Polish Pomeranian (Kashubian) and Lusatian Sorbian. It is spoken by many folks in the Czech Republic and by Czechs all over the planet (about 12 million native speakers in total). Czech is reasonably close to Slovak and to a lower degree to Polish or to Sorbian in East Germany. Because of official Czechoslovakian government policies of broadcasting in Czech and Slovak for many years the decades born until the mid 1970 s may know both languages well. Later decades slowly recognize each additional less. Children who learned Czech or Slovak after the 1993 split have more difficulties learning the different code. Czech tv in specific the commercial channels are nevertheless very favored among viewers in Slovakia. Meanwhile due to some immigration from Slovakia the Slovak code will be heard in the Czech Republic. As in many Slavic languages (except usual nouns in contemporary Bulgarian and Macedonian) several words (specifically nouns verbs and adjectives) have numerous types (inflections). In this respect Czech and the Slavic languages are closer to their Indo-European origins than additional languages in the same family that have lost much inflection. Moreover in Czech the rules of morphology are very irregular and countless types have official colloquial and occasionally semi-official variants. The word purchase ser click here…..

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