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Complete Relaxation by Glenn Harrold Powerful Hypnotherapy Techniques Get other Glenn Harrold Audio CD click here Other Meditation Audio Books click here Complete Relaxation by Glenn Harrold – Audio Book CD Brand New : 1 CD This superb high quality hypnotherapy program by the UKs best-selling hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold combines powerful clinical hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art digital recording technology. Designed to guide the listener into a wonderful deep state of complete mental and physical relaxation. You will also learn valuable techniques to help you combat stress remain more relaxed in your daily life. About the Author Glenn Harrold Glenn did not have the easiest start in life. From the age of 12 he often slept rough on the streets. Expelled from school at 15 Glenn fell in with the wrong crowd and experimented with drugs and alcohol. After a health scare and a warning from a doctor he took the necessary measures to free himself from his old destructive ways. Now in his mid forties Glenn is a non-smoker vegetarian and drinks only the occasional glass of wine. He plays tennis practises yoga swims and uses self-hypnosis and meditation to achieve his goals. Before becoming a hypnotherapist Glenn turned to music and was a performing and recording musician who made his living playing guitar in bars and clubs. In his teens as a punk rocker he played bass guitar in a band called The Vagrants who morphed into the Sugar Ray Five. In 1983 they won pound;10 000 in the BBC 1 national Battle of the Bands. They were then signed to a major label released a few singles and appeared on various TV shows but their brush with fame was brief). Glenns interest in hypnosis came about after sharing the bill with a stage hypnotist. He took this interest further and stud information

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Circle Books – Page 29 Complete Relalaxation by Glenn Harrold – Audio Book CD Complete Relaxation by Glenn Harrold Powerful Hypnotherapy Techniques Get other Glenn Harrold Audio CD click here Other Meditation Audio Books click here Complete Relaxation by Glenn Harrold – Audio Book CD Brand New : 1 CD This superb high quality hypnotherapy program by the UKs best-selling hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold combines…

Complete Relalaxation by Glenn Harrold – Audio Book CD … About the Author Glenn Harrold . Glenn did not have the easiest start in life. From the age of 12, he often slept rough on the streets. Expelled from school at 15, Glenn fell in with the wrong crowd, and experimented with drugs and alcohol.

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