Chakra Balancing – Caroline Shola Arewa and Perry Wood – AudioBook CD

Chakra Balancing by Caroline Shola Arewa and Perry Wood Unabridged 1CD Audio Book Set Get other Meditation AudioBooks click here Chakra Balancing – by Caroline Shola Arewa and Perry Wood – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CDs – 1 hour): Music for relaxation meditation and inner peace. About Chakra Balancing Awareness of your chakra system and learning to balance your energy can enhance the overall quality of your life. Life giving energy is distributed through seven main centres known as chakras; this translates as wheels of life. Balanced energy flows freely from your Chakras into pathways known as Nadis or Meridians. Free flowing energy creates balanced health. When all is well in your life energy flows with ease leaving you feeling healthy happy and fulfilled. When things are not going so well energy can become blocked resulting in tiredness stress and disease. Chakras hold the key to attaining the highest potential from your body mind and spirit. Each of the seven chakras governs a different stage of development creating rising levels of consciousness. About Caroline Shola Arewa Caroline Shola Arewa has been involved in the healing arts for over twenty years including ten years spent training practitioners in complementary medicine. She is a leading expert on the chakra system who has appeared on both radio and TV. Shola is the author of numerous articles and two best selling books on the Chakras. She is a Master of Yoga Life Coach and Motivational Speaker who travels world-wide sharing powerful tools for health wellbeing success and life enhancement. About Perry Wood Perry Wood has long recognised the depth and power of music to touch the emotions and move people at a soul level. He has been involved in writing and performing music from an early age and has vast experien much more info

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Meditation Music on Audio CD – Books and more Chakra Balancing by Caroline Shola Arewa plus Perry Wood Unabridged 1CD Audio Book Set Get different Meditation AudioBooks click here Chakra Balancing – by Caroline Shola Arewa plus Perry Wood – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CDs – 1 hour): Music for relaxation meditation plus interior peace. About Chakra Balancing Awareness of the chakra program plus understanding with balance the power may …

Chakra Balancing: Perry Wood – Chakras are seven energy spots in the body positioned in a vertical axis along the spine from the ‘Root’ at the base up via ‘Sacral’, ‘Solar Plexus’, ‘Heart’, ‘Throat’, and ‘Brow’ to the ‘Crown’.

Mindfulness – Tags: Arewa Caroline Chakra Shola AudioBook Balancing Perry stamina may enhance the total standard of the lifetime. Life offering stamina is distributed by 7 leading centres termed as chakras; this translates because wheels of lifetime.

Meditation Audio Books on CD – Books and more Chakra Balancing by Caroline Shola Arewa plus Perry Wood Unabridged 1CD Audio Book Set Get different Meditation AudioBooks click here Chakra Balancing – by Caroline Shola Arewa plus Perry Wood – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CDs – 1 hour): Music for relaxation meditation plus interior peace. About Chakra Balancing Awareness of the chakra program plus understanding with balance the power may …

Chakra Balancing – Caroline Shola Arewa and Perry Wood … Chakra Balancing by Caroline Shola Arewa and Perry Wood Unabridged 1CD Audio Book Set Get other Meditation AudioBooks click here Chakra Balancing – by Caroline Shola Arewa and Perry Wood – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CDs – 1 hour): Music for relaxation meditation and inner peace.

Chakra Balancing – Health and Harmony Colleges Music for relaxation, meditation and inner peace. Includes a full colour guide to Chakra Balancing by Caroline Shola Arewa and CD of music specially composed and performed for New World Music by Perry Wood.