Anatomy of the Works Mini

Anatomy of the Works Mini by Brian MoylenGet other BMW repair manuals hereThis book tells the inside story of how the giant-killing Minis of rallying rallycross and racing fame were converted from standard Mini-Coopers in the BMC Competitions Department. The author who spent 22 years in Comps reveals the secrets of specification build technique and development of the famous Works Minis. The book includes contributions from Ginger Devlin (Cooper s Chief Mechanic) and Jumping Jeff Williamson (Works Rallycross driver). Particularly famous for their great adventures in the Monte Carlo Rally works Minis humbled many bigger and more powerful cars in international motorsport during the 1960s and 1970s. Mechanic Brian Moylan spent 22 years in the workshops of the BMC Competitions Department where the works cars were built. Here all the secrets of how ordinary production line Mini-Coopers were converted into the mighty giant-killing Minis of motorsport are revealed in great detail. Minis are still hugely popular in club motorsport and Mini racing series today. The book includes contributions on the racing Mini from Ginger Devlin and the rallycross Mini from Jumping Jeff Williamson.Anatomy of the Works Mini by Brian Moylen extra

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