1950s Reproduction Vintage Pink Coin Pay Phone New

1950s Payphone Coin Phone Reproduction Pink This American 3-slot style payphone was first introduced in the 1950 s and remained virtually unchanged until 1965. This coin phone will take you back to the days of phone booths red coin phones public phone boxes and 10 cent calls.While you don t have to pay for your calls with this phone now you can still enjoy the functional coin slots complete with jingle as your money is deposited into the coin bank (lock and key supplied) in the base of the unit. Retro design Push Button Dialling Redial Button Ringer on/off switch Tone/Pulse Switch Earpiece Volume Control Coin Bank Wall Mountable Does NOT require coins to make calls. Dimensions: H46.5 x W17 x D13cmThe payphone comes with a RJ11 phone cable that fits RJ12 sockets like these. you may need an adaptor here or other adaptors here you may need an ADSL filter information on ADSL with retro phones here 1950s Payphone Coin Phone Reproduction Pink – Pay Phone extra info

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Circle Books – Page 159 1950s Reproduction Vintage Pink Coin Pay Phone New click here to learn more 1950s Payphone Coin Phone Reproduction Pink This American 3-slot style payphone was first introduced in the 1950 s and remained virtually unchanged until 1965.

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Coin Phone Retro pay phones – Retro Antiques Tags: Reproduction Phone Coin Pay New Pink s 1950s Payphone Coin Phone Reproduction Pink This American 3-slot style payphone was first introduced in the 1950’s and remained virtually unchanged until 1965.

New Reproduction Retro Dial Telephones – vintage phones New Reproduction Retro Dial Telephones. Menu: Store Home | Advanced Search … 1950s Reproduction Vintage Pink Coin Pay Phone New. 1950s diner payphone with 3 coin slots. Wall mountable. Regularly: $329.00. On Sale: $289.00. In stock-ready to post today. New 2500 Pink Western Electric reproduction Retro Telephone. a retro Bell/Western electric telephone with modern features. Regularly: $185.00 …

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1950s Reproduction Vintage Pink Coin Pay Phone New 1950s Payphone Coin Phone Reproduction Pink This American 3-slot style payphone was first introduced in the 1950’s and remained virtually unchanged until 1965. This coin phone will take you back to the days of phone booths, red coin phones, public phone boxes, and 10 cent calls.

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