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The Cuthbertson Verb Wheel – FrenchStuart Cuthbertson French Audio and Book Language Learning click here 1x French verb wheel About the French Language French is the most northerly of the ROMANCE LANGUAGES that descend from Latin the language of the Roman Empire. Historically it is the language of northern France: it became Frances national language and spread to many other parts of the world with French conquest and trade. The Celtic-speaking inhabitants of Gaul were among the first non-Italians to take a full part in the culture of the Roman Empire. Not surprisingly there are Celtic loanwords in Latin and in all the Romance languages. There are a few documents and religious texts in French of the 10th and 11th centuries but the first real flowering of French literature is in epics the first and greatest being the Chanson de Roland Song of Roland of around 1200. They were recorded in manuscript form for oral recitation. From this beginning French poetry soon be not;came more varied and more consciously literary. Although the language of Paris and of the neighbouring royal monastery of Saint-Denis was already influential medieval French texts have varied dialect links. This is natural since Paris was not the only major centre of French cultural life. After the Norman conquest in 1066 London was another: for nearly two centuries after that date not English but the Anglo-Norman variety of French was the usual lan not;guage of literature in England (alongside Latin). The oldest and best manuscript of the Chanson de Roland is Anglo-Norman. As the connections between England and France grew more distant Anglo-Norman -instead of developing into a new modern Ro not;mance language – regressed to a jargon of law not;yers and courtiers. Its descendant Law French can still be foun further data

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The Cuthbertson Verb Wheels – French – Indigo Books The Cuthbertson Verb Wheel – FrenchStuart Cuthbertson French Audio and Book Language Learning click here 1x French verb wheel About the French Language French is the most northerly of the ROMANCE LANGUAGES that descend from Latin the language of the Roman Empire.

Stuart Cuthbertson (Author of The Cuthbertson Verb Wheels) Stuart Cuthbertson is the author of The Cuthbertson Verb Wheels (3.50 avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published 1935), German Verb Wheel (5.00 avg rati…

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