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Teach Yourself Speak French with Confidence 3 Audio CDs Get Other French Language Learning click here Teach Yourself Speak French with Confidence 3 Audio CDs plus guide Weve all travelled abroad with the best of intentions when it comes to speaking the language only to falter when it comes to the crunch. This quick and constructive course gives you the French you need to talk to the locals – and crucially the confidence to put it into practice. As well as providing essential vocabulary and phrases the course also aims to improve your understanding of spoken French so that you can feel sure of yourself in two-way conversations. Based on the ten situations you are most likely to find yourself in while abroad the course builds your knowledge and understanding gradually and is suitable for complete beginners. A booklet is included with the dialogues and their English translations. A glossary of the words and phrases used also provides you with a handy phrasebook while you travel. By the end of this course you will be at Level A2 of the Common European Framework for Languages: Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions. Can communicate in simple and routine tasks Learn anywhere any time with this convenient audio course which requires no reading or writing Focusing on ten realistic scenarios youre given the words and phrases youll actually need to get by in French Boosts your confidence by providing strategies for understanding what you hear so you can start a conversation without being afraid of the response! No grammar means youll make fast progress without learning boring rules or unnecessary vocabulary Contents of CDs CDs 1 and 2 1 Descriptions/introductions describing/introducing yourself and others describing the characters in the story 2 Making a hotel r click here…..

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