Teach Your Baby German Audio CD and Teaching Guide

Teach Your Baby German AudioCD Teaching Guide Get Other German Language Learning click here Teach Your Baby German Brand New (still shrink wrapped): Teach Your Baby German helps your child learn more than one language during the crucial window of opportunity: The first three years of life! Teaching counting colours body parts animals clothes and more Teach Your Baby German focuses on concepts and objects which infants can comprehend instead of abstractions like time or social greetings. Teach Your Baby German helps stimulate a babys neural pathways build vocabulary and develop innate grammar understanding – in more than one language! Children learn multiple languages more easily and quickly before age three than at any other time in life because their brains are still rapidly developing. Take advantage of this opportunity and give your child a head start in life! For Ages 0 – 3 About the German Language The German language is a West Germanic language and one of the worlds major languages. German is closely related to and classified alongside English and Dutch. Around the world German is spoken by ~100 million native speakers and also ~80 million non-native speakers and Standard German is widely taught in schools and universities in Europe. Worldwide German accounts for the most written translations into and from a language In German linguistics only the traditional regional varieties are called dialects not the different varieties of standard German. Standard German has originated not as a traditional dialect of a specific region but as a written language. However there are places where the traditional regional dialects have been replaced by standard German; this is the case in vast stretches of Northern Germany but also in major cities in other parts of the country. St click

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