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Teach Me French – Deluxe A Musical Journey through the Day Get Other French Language Learning Audio Books click here Teach Me French – Audio CD and teaching guide Brand New 1 CDs Booklet and teaching guide The Teach Me… series includes a delightfully illustrated book with song lyrics and translations in English. For children ages 2 and up. 21 Favourite Songs Including: -Are You Sleeping -Twinkle Twinkle Little Star -The Wheels on the Car -Dinner is Delicious -Days of the Week -Head Shoulders Knees Toes …and many more! Since 1985 the Teach Me… series has been embraced by teachers parents and children alike because of its innovative inviting and fun approach to foreign language learning. Knowing that music is a universal means of communication the award-winning Teach Me… books uses familiar songs to teach children the fundamentals of foreign language vocabulary the alphabet numbers and colours days of the week and much more. Available in 10 languages Teach Me… is the ideal method for teaching children a foreign language. Its a fun easy and engaging style of educating children through music! Each CD has been brilliantly recorded using native speakers and professional musicians and is accompanied by a delightful fully illustrated book. Each book is suitable for colouring and includes song lyrics learning activities and full translations. Whether at home in the car or in the classroom Teach Me… is a wonderfully entertaining and educational series of foreign language products that will open the eyes of children to a global culture! About the French Language French (francais French pronunciation: is a Romance language spoken around the world by around 128 million people as first or second language and by about an extra 72 million people with limited language skills more details…..

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