Stress-Free – Louise L. Hay – Audio Book CD – Subliminal

Stress-Free by Louise L. Hay Peaceful Affirmations to relieve anxiety and help you relax – subliminal View all our Lousie Hay Audio Books on CD click here Stress-Free – Louise L. Hay – Audio Book CD Brand New (still shrink wrapped): 1 CDs Part of the Subliminal Mastery Series this CD includes powerful audible and subliminal affirmations to help you create positive changes in your life. With peaceful affirmations to relieve anxiety and help you relax. Includes Music by Jerry Florence and Brain Wave Technology by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. This CD contains a series of positive affirmations created and narrated by Louise L. Hay. Affirmations are like seeds. It takes time for them to germinate take root and grow. Life-changing and soul-satisfying benefits are possible by using this tape with determination and consistency. We recommend that you listen to this cd twice a day for at least 30 days. You can easily do this while you relax work do your chores or sleep. About the Author Louise Hay RECENTLY DUBBED the closest thing to a living saint by the Australian media Louise L. Hay is also known as one of the founders of the self-help movement. Her first book Heal Your Body was published in 1976 long before it was fashionable to discuss the connection between the mind and body. Revised and expanded in 1988 this best-selling book introduced Louises concepts to people in 33 different countries and has been translated into 25 languages throughout the world. Through Louises Hay healing techniques and positive philosophy millions have learned how to create more of what they want in their lives including more wellness in their bodies minds and spirits. Her own personal philosophy was forged from her tormented upbringing. Her childhood was unstable and impoverished and her teen years were more data

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