Rick Steves France Travel Guide 2011

Rick Steves France 2011 GuidebookFrench Audio and Book Language Learning click hereFrance is Europes most diverse tasty and in many ways exciting country to explore. Its a multifaceted cultural fondue. France is nearly as big as Texas with 61 million people and more than 400 different cheeses. Diversite is a French forte. This country features three distinct mountain ranges (the Alps the Pyrenees and the Central) the different-as-night-and-day Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines cosmopolitan cities (such as Paris Lyon and Nice-all featured in this book) and sleepy villages. From its Swiss-like Alps to its molto Italian Riviera and from the Spanish Pyrenees to das German Alsace you can stay in France feel like youve sampled much of Europe and never be more than a short stroll from a good vin rouge.In Rick Steves France youll find in-depth Rick-tested information on trip planning hotels restaurants tourist offices transportation telephones festivals and holidays mail and e-mail weather survival phrases and easy-to-follow maps. It covers all the best sights (but does not include the illustrated city walks and museum tours found in Ricks Paris guidebook). * Paris and Surroundings: Versailles Chartres Giverny and Disneyland Paris * Normandy: Rouen Honfleur Bayeux D-Day Beaches and Mont St. Michel * Brittany: Dinan St. Malo * The Loire: Amboise Chenonceaux Blois Chambord Cheverny Chaumont Chinon Azay-le-Rideau Langeais Villandry and more * Dordogne: Sarlat Dordogne River Valley Cro-Magnon Caves Oradour-sur-Glane St. Emilion Rocamadour Lot River Valley * Basque Country: St. Jean-de-Luz Bayonne Biarritz French Basque villages plus nearby Spanish towns of San Sebastian Hondarribia Guernica and Bilbao * Languedoc: Albi Carcassonne Collioure * Provence and the French Riviera: Ar extra

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