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Play and Learn French Hardcover book with 1CD Get other French Language AudioBooks click here Get other Childrens French Language Audio and Books click here Play and Learn French – Learn to Speak – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CD – 1 hour): About Play and Learn French The fun easy and natural way to get kids started in learning French Young children have an amazing capacity for picking up new languages and every parent is a natural-born language teacher. Now Play and Learn French introduces a unique approach to getting kids started in French that is as fun as it is easy. Instead of drills and boring grammar exercises you get loads of fun games activities and songs that let you seamlessly integrate the French language into your everyday life. From taking a bath to going shopping making lunch to driving in the car Play and Learn French turns daily routines into fun learning adventures for you and your child to enjoy together. No need to set aside extra time in your busy schedule-with this program you learn as you live. And youll be amazed at how quickly you see results. Play and Learn French is packed with lively color illustrations and features: * Songs games and activities that make language learning natural and fun * Key-word illustrations to help with the retention of important words and phrases * Whimsical comic strips that put French in a real-world context * Sidebars with fun cultural information about everyday life in France * English translations for all activities * A sixty-minute audio CD containing all of the books songs games and expressions With Play and Learn French it wont be long before you hear your child say he or she wants to give you le gros bisou du soir (a big good-night kiss). About the French Language French is the most northerly of the ROMANCE LANG more…..

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