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Pimsleur Comprehensive Norwegian Level 1 Get other Norwegian Language audio click here Comprehensive Norwegian includes 30 lessons of essential grammar and vocabulary — 16 hours of real-life spoken practice sessions — plus an introduction to reading. Upon completion of this Level I program you will have functional spoken proficiency with the most-frequently-used vocabulary and grammatical structures. You will be able to: initiate and maintain face-to-face conversations deal with every day situations — ask for information directions and give basic information about yourself and family communicate basic information on informal topics and participate in casual conversations avoid basic cultural errors and handle minimum courtesy and travel requirements satisfy personal needs and limited social demands establish rapport with strangers in foreign countries begin reading and sounding out items with native-like pronunciation. About Norwegian Norwegian (norsk) is a North Germanic language spoken primarily in Norway where it is an official language. Together with Swedish and Danish Norwegian forms a continuum of more or less mutually intelligible local and regional variants. These continental Scandinavian languages together with the insular languages Faroese Icelandic as well as some extinct languages constitute the North Germanic languages (also called Scandinavian languages). Faroese and Icelandic are no longer mutually intelligible with Norwegian in their spoken form because continental Scandinavian has diverged from them. As established by law and governmental policy there are two official forms of written Norwegian – Bokmal (literally book language) and Nynorsk (literally new Norwegian). The Norwegian Language Council recommends the terms Norwegian Bokmal and Norwegian Nynorsk in English. There is no officially sanctioned standard of spoken Norwegian but the sociolect of the urban upper and middle class in East Norway upon which Bokmal is primarily based is the form generally taught to foreign students. This so called Standard Ostnorsk (Standard East Norwegian) can be regarded as a de facto spoken standard for Bokmal. From the 16th to the 19th centuries Danish was the standard written language of Norway. As a result the development of modern written Norwegian has been subject to strong controversy related to nationalism rural versus urban discourse and Norway come here

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Norwegian Upper-Intermediate Norwegian course upper intermediate level part 1 of 3 (B2) Norwegian upper-intermediate part 1 – online will run via Zoom video platform. Coursebook Her på berget chapters 1-5, textbook and workbook, by Ellingsen and Mac Donald. We use the 2016 edition.

Norwegian Intermediate – Folkeuniversitetet Norwegian Intermediate (B1) Norwegian Intermediate is for those who want to be more independent when communicating in Norwegian. The course is on level B1 and prepares you for Norwegian Test A2-B1. Language teaching is undertaken using a communicative method. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Intermediate Norwegian 1 Registration, Mon, Oct 26, 2020 … For students with some basic knowledge of the language. A mixture of culture, pronunciation, listening and speaking. For intermediate and ongoing students of the Norwegian language. You will engage in basic guided conversations and focus on increasing your working vocabulary.

Norwegian Course Level B1-1: Intermediate | Norwegian … NORWEGIAN COURSE LEVEL B1-1: INTERMEDIATE The Norwegian Level B1-1 course is the first intermediate level course, and continues where Level A2 finished. Level B1-1 covers chapters 1 to 5 in the curriculum book “Stein på stein” (2014 edition). Level B1-1 focuses on developing your grammar skills to a practical level, increasing vocabulary further, and will […]

Norwegian Course Level B2-1: Upper-intermediate … The Norwegian Level B2-1 course is the first upper-intermediate course. Level B2-1 covers the first chapters 1 to 5 in the curriculum book “Her på berget” (2016 edition). “Her på berget” is the third curriculum book after the books “På vei” and “Stein på stein”. To join this level you should have completed studies using […]

Norwegian Course Level B1-1: Intermediate | Norwegian … NORWEGIAN COURSE LEVEL B1-1: INTERMEDIATEThe Norwegian Level B1-1 course is the first intermediate level course, and continues where Level A2 finished. Level B1-1 covers chapters 1 to 5 in the curriculum book “Stein på stein” (2014 edition). Level B1-1 focuses on developing your grammar skills to a practical level, increasing vocabulary further, and will among …

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