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Pimsleur Comprehensive French Level 2 Get other Pimsleur Comprehensive French click hereGet other French Language audio click here Comprehensive French II includes 30 additional lessons (16 hrs.) plus Readings which build upon the language skills acquired in Level I. Increased spoken and reading language ability. Level II will double your vocabulary and grammatical structures while increasing your spoken proficiency exponentially. Upon completion of a Level II you will be able to: * engage in fuller conversations involving yourself your family daily activities interests and personal preferences * combine known elements into increasingly longer sentences and strings of sentences * create with language and function in informal situations * deal with concrete topics in the past present and future * meet social demands and limited job requirements * begin reading for meaning. Note: In order for the Pimsleur Method to work correctly you must first complete the Level I language program before proceeding to the Level II language program. About the French Language French is a Romance language originally spoken in France Belgium Luxembourg and Switzerland and today by about 350 million people around the world as either a native or a second language with significant populations in 54 countries. French is a descendant of the Latin of the Roman Empire as are languages such as Spanish Italian Catalan Romanian and Portuguese. Its development was also influenced by the native Celtic languages of Roman Gaul and by the Germanic language of the post-Roman Frankish invaders. It is an official language in 31 countries most of which form what is called in French La Francophonie the community of French-speaking nations. It is an official language of all United Nations agencies and a large nu more info

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