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Pimsleur Comprehensive Farsi (Persian) Level 1 Get other Pimsleur Comprehensive Arabic click hereGet other Farsi Language audio click here Comprehensive Farsi (Persian) I includes 30 lessons of essential grammar and vocabulary — 16 hours of real-life spoken practice sessions — plus an introduction to reading. Upon completion of this Level I program you will have functional spoken proficiency with the most-frequently-used vocabulary and grammatical structures. You will be able to: initiate and maintain face-to-face conversations deal with every day situations — ask for information directions and give basic information about yourself and family communicate basic information on informal topics and participate in casual conversations avoid basic cultural errors and handle minimum courtesy and travel requirements satisfy personal needs and limited social demands establish rapport with strangers in foreign countries begin reading and sounding out items with native-like pronunciation. About Farsi (Persian) is an Iranian language within the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European languages. It is spoken in Iran Afghanistan and Tajikistan and has official-language status in these three countries. Persian has been a medium for literary and scientific contributions to the Islamic world as well as the Western. It has had an influence on certain neighbouring languages particularly the Turkic languages of Central Asia Caucasus and Anatolia as well as Urdu Hindi and other Indian languages. It has had a lesser influence on Arabic and other languages of Mesopotamia. For five centuries prior to the British colonization Persian was widely used as a second language in the Indian subcontinent; it took prominence as the language of culture and education in several Muslim courts in South Asia and became the official language under the Mughal emperors. Only in 1843 did the subcontinent begin conducting business in English. Evidence of Persian s historical influence there can be seen in the extent of its influence on the languages of the Indian subcontinent as well as the popularity that Persian literature still enjoys in that region. Persian belongs to the Western group of the Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family and is of the Subject Object Verb type. The Western Iranian group contains other related languages such as Kurdish and Baluchi. The language is in the S more details…..

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Farsi Language (?????) Days of the Week Study and Learn … Farsi Language (فارسی) Days of the Week Tests Tests Are Excellent Language Learning Tools. Take a quiz to get a quick assessment of your skill and to achieve the highest score.

Persian for Dummies: Numbers from 1-10 – The Cairene Diaries Contrary to what some think, Farsi, or Persian, is an Indo-European language and is not related to Arabic, which is a Semetic language—even though they use the same script (Arabic script only arrived in Iran when the Muslim conquerers did in the 7th century).

Persian language – Wikipedia Persian (/ ˈ p ɜːr ʒ ən, -ʃ ən /), also known by its endonym Farsi (فارسی, fārsi, [fɒːɾˈsiː] ), is a Western Iranian language belonging to the Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian subdivision of the Indo-European languages.

Days of the Week in Farsi | IranVisitor – Travel Guide To Iran Hear and practice the words for the days of the week in Farsi. Farsi or Persian is written in Arabic script from right to left but the language is unrelated to Arabic. Farsi is an Indo-European language.

Persian/Phrasebook/Days of the Week – Wikibooks, open … Persian Pronunciation English شنبه: šanbe: Saturday یک شنبه: yekšanbe: Sunday دوشنبه: došanbe: Monday سه شنبه: sešanbe: Tuesday چهارشنبه

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