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Pimsleur Comprehensive Dutch Level 1 Get other Dutch Language audio click here Comprehensive Dutch I includes 30 lessons of essential grammar and vocabulary — 16 hours of real-life spoken practice sessions — plus an introduction to reading. Upon completion of this Level I program you will have functional spoken proficiency with the most-frequently-used vocabulary and grammatical structures. You will be able to: initiate and maintain face-to-face conversations deal with every day situations — ask for information directions and give basic information about yourself and family communicate basic information on informal topics and participate in casual conversations avoid basic cultural errors and handle minimum courtesy and travel requirements satisfy personal needs and limited social demands establish rapport with strangers in foreign countries begin reading and sounding out items with native-like pronunciation. About the Dutch Language Dutch is a West Germanic language spoken by around 24 million people mainly in the Netherlands Belgium and Suriname but also by smaller groups of speakers in parts of France Germany and several former Dutch colonies. It is closely related to other West Germanic languages (e.g. English West Frisian and German) and somewhat more remotely to the North Germanic languages. Dutch is a descendant of Old Frankish and is the parent language of Afrikaans one of the official languages of South Africa and the most widely understood in Namibia. Dutch and Afrikaans are to a large extent mutually intelligible although they have separate spelling standards and dictionaries and have separate language regulators. Standard Dutch (Standaardnederlands) is the standard language of the major Dutch-speaking areas and is regulated by the Nederlandse Taalunie (Dutch Language Union). Dutch is also an official language of the European Union and the Union of South American Nations. Dutch grammar also shares many traits with German but has a less complicated morphology caused by deflexion which puts it closer to English. Dutch has officially three genders masculine feminine and neuter however according to some interpretations these are reduced to only two common and neuter which is similar to the gender systems of most Continental Scandinavian languages. The consonant system of Dutch did not undergo the High German consonant shift and has more in common w click here

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