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Pimsleur Comprehensive Arabic (Eastern) Level 3 Get other Pimsleur Comprehensive Arabic click hereGet other Arabic Language audio click here Comprehensive Arabic (Eastern) III includes 30 additional lessons (16 hrs.) plus Readings which build upon the language skills acquired in Levels I and II. Increased spoken and reading language ability.Level III will increase your vocabulary and grammatical structures and triple your spoken proficiency. Upon completion of a level III you will be able to: bull; participate in most informal and some formal discussions on practical social and some semi-professional topics bull; form longer sentences while maintaining the target language syntax bull; be understood even by native speakers unused to dealing with foreigners bull; handle increasingly difficult grammatical structures bull; enjoy fluent conversations with a variety of strangers bull; have a near-native accent and the subtleties of the language will be apparent in your speech bull; read at the same level at which you speak. Note: In order for the Pimsleur Method to work correctly you must first complete the Level I + II language programs before proceeding to the Level III language program. About the Arabic LanguageArabic rab #299;) is the largest living member of the Semitic language family in terms of speakers. Classified as Central Semitic it is closely related to Hebrew and Aramaic and has its roots in a Proto-Semitic common ancestor. Modern Arabic is classified as a macrolanguage with 27 sub-languages in ISO 639-3. These varieties are spoken throughout the Arab world and Standard Arabic is widely studied and known throughout the Islamic world.Modern Standard Arabic derives from Classical Arabic the only surviving member of the Old North Arabian dialect group attest extra

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