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Croatian Phrases with Pronunciation Recordings croatian phrases – hrvatski izrazi This section contains some basic Croatian expressions and phrases that you might find useful on your Croatian journeys and travels. Each expression comes with an audio recording from a native speaker so you can easily learn how to pronounce it.

Useful Croatian phrases – Omniglot Useful Croatian phrases. A collection of useful phrases in Croatian for almost every occasion. Jump to phrases. See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder.If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.

How to Speak Basic Croatian (with Pictures) – wikiHow Don’t learn curse words first, it is very unpleasant to hear from a foreigner! Try to tune into Croatian radio or Croatian TV just so you can get the accent. It will also help you feel a little less intimidated if someone starts to talk to you in Croatian. Learning the Croatian alphabet you will be able to speak, read and write!

What Are Some Basic Croatian Phrases? The spelling of most Croatian words is phonetic, which means words are written as they are pronounced which should make it a bit easier to learn a few basic Croatian phrases – you’ll buy a lot of goodwill with our local Croatian crew, so spend 10 minutes looking through a few basic Croatian phrases before you embark on your Sail Croatia Cruise!

Learn Croatian online | Free Croatian lessons Learn Croatian : This is really well made! Phrases chosen are very useful and it’s a very practical way of learning some basic Croatian. A lot of people find it difficult to learn on their own, though. If you’re interested in Online lessons with a teacher, visit our page: www.learncroatian.eu

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How to Speak Croatian Learn how to speak Croatian! In this video, you will learn basic Croatian vocabulary and a couple of communication skills. You will impress you parents, make your friends jealous, and you will …

Learn Croatian (free language course video) In this video you will learn the most important words in Croatian. Watch this video on 5 different days and you will never forget most words. After every 7 new words you will repeat that block of …

Basic Croatian phrases you need to know (English to … So, you’re off to hunt Game of Thrones film locations in Croatia and you want to have some basic Croatian in your pocket for when you get there. Great choice! English is pretty well-spoken in Croatia these days, especially with the huge rise in tourism from Game of Thrones and the amazing history of the country drawing people in.