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Nissan Navara repair printed workshop manual

Nissan Navara is the name for the D22 and D40 generations of Nissan trucks offered in Asia, Australian Continent and Europe; in North, Central and south usa its marketed while the Nissan Frontier. Nissan was the pioneer of this "Hardbody" or

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Repair Manual covers Ute and Wagon.* Nissan Navara D40 Series* Nissan Pathfinder R51 SeriesPetrol motor Covered:* 4.0 litre V6 (VQ40DE)Diesel motor Covered:* 2.5 litre 4-cyl (YD25DDTi)DOES NOT include 3.0 litre V6 diesel (V9X) motorContents:* Introduction* Tune-Up and Routine Maintenance* 4.0 Litre V6 motor* 2.5 Litre four cylinderinder Turbo Diesel motor* General motor Overhaul Procedures* Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning Systems* Fuel And Exhaust Systems - Petrol motor* Fuel And Exhaust Systems - Diesel motor* motor Electrical Systems* Emissions and motor Control Systems* Manual Transmission* Auto gearbox* Transfer Case* friction clutch and Driveline* Brakes* springs and shock absorbers and Steering Systems* Body* Chassis Electrical System* electrical schematicsNOTE: Only maintenance adjustment minor repair procedures plus removal and installation are described for the transmissions. click here

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point five liter 4-cyl (YD25DDTi)DOES NOT include 3.0 liter Vee Six four-stroke diesel (V9X) motorContents:* Introduction* Tune-Up and Routine Maintenance* 4.0 liter Vee Six motor* two point five liter four cylinderinder Turbo four-stroke diesel motor* General motor Overhaul Procedures* Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning Systems* Fuel And Exhaust pipess - Petrol motor* Fuel And Exhaust pipess - four-stroke diesel motor* motor wirings* Emissions and motor Control Systems* Manual gearbox* Automatic gearbox* Transfer Case* Clutch and Driveline* braking system* Suspension and Rack and pinion Systems* Body* Chassis wiring* electrical schematicsNOTE: Only maintenance adjustment simple maintenance tasks plus removal and installation are described for the gearboxs. more tips

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2WD 4WD petrol motord models.motors Covered: Code L20B 2.0 liter four cylinderinder SOHC 1980 onwards Code Z20 2.0 liter four cylinderinder SOHC 1984 - 1985 Code Z22 2.2 liter four cylinderinder SOHC 1981 - 1983 Code Z24 two point four liter four cylinderinder SOHC 1986 onwards Code Z24i two point four liter four cylinderinder SOHC 8 plug Code KA24E two point four liter four cylinderinder SOHC Code VG30E 3.0 liter V6 SOHCDoes NOT cover four-stroke diesel motors.The manual does cover most aspects of the 720 series including the motors. However it DOES NOT cover the 1.8 liter motor.In this workshop manual you will find: Routine Maintenance tune-up procedures motor repair cooling and heating airconditioner maintenance fuel and exhaust emissions control ignition brakes suspension and steering electrical systems and electrical schematics.Haynes repair manuals can save you money on maintenance and repair bills. progressive procedures and illustrations give you guidance for every task from basic maintenance and troubleshooting to complete teardown rebuild. further data

Nissan Navara is the name for the D22 and D40 generations of Nissan trucks offered in Asia, Australian Continent and Europe; in North, Central and south usa its marketed while the Nissan Frontier. The range started in 1997, changing the D21 Nissan Hardbody truck. At the time of 2002, the D22 series pickup isn't any much longer offered in Japan; the D22's major markets becoming North America. It's at this time built during the Nissan factory in Canton, Mississippi.

Nissan was the pioneer of this "Hardbody" or "Nissan Frontier" since 1986. Initial was the D21, considered to be a small collect. After over decade with the D21, the 2nd generation Navara ended up being constructed from 1997 and went until 2004 which was classed as a concise size pick-up. It had been changed with all the bigger, taller, much longer D40, which Nissan now views is a mid-size pick up truck.

The Navara gets their title from the Navarre region of northern Spain, in addition to European version is created within Nissan factory in Barcelona. In many European areas it's offered as Nissan NP300.

D22 show
2001-2005 Nissan Navara ST-R 3.0Di 01.jpg
Also known as Nissan Frontier
Nissan Frontier Bravado
Nissan Fiera
Nissan Hardbody
Nissan Paladin
Nissan PickUp
Nissan Winner
Nissan Gigantic M Frontier
Dongfeng Oting
Dongfeng High Pickup
Dongfeng Deep multi-purpose Industrial Car
Nissan NP300
Production United States Of America: August 1997–2004
PRC: since January 1999
PRC: since April 2005
THA: 1998–2007
Assembly Japan: Kanda, Fukuoka
United States Of America: Smyrna, Tennessee
Brazil: Curitiba
Spain: Barcelona
Southern Africa: Rosslyn
Thailand: Samut Prakan
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
Philippines: Makati
Taiwan: Taipei
Mexico: Aguascalientes
Asia: Zhengzhou, Henan
Egypt: Cairo
Sudan: Al Jazirah condition
Designer Nishino Sadaaki
Jerry Hirschberg
Diane Allen
Human body and chassis
Lessons Compact pickup truck
Layout Front-engine
rear-wheel drive / Four-wheel drive
Relating Nissan Xterra
Nissan Pathfinder
Nissan Patrol
Engine 3.0L V6
3.3L VG33E V6
3.3L VG33ER V6 supercharged
2.4L KA24DE I4
2.5L TD25 I4 Diesel
2.5L YD25DDTi I4 Diesel
2.7L TD27Ti I4 Diesel
2.7L TD27ETi I4 Diesel
2.7L TD273 I4 Diesel
2.8L MWM Sprint I4 Diesel
3.0L ZD30DDT I4 Diesel
3.2L QD323 I4 Diesel
Transmission 4-speed automated
4-speed manual
5-speed handbook
Wheelbase Regular Cab: 104.3 in
King Cab / team taxi Short sleep: 116.1 in
Staff Cab Extended Sleep: 131.1 in
Length 1998–2002 master taxi: 196.1 in
Regular Cab: 184.3 in
1998–2002 staff Cab: 193.1 in
2003–04 master Cab: 202.9 in
2003–04 team Cab: 199.9 in
2003–04 team Cab longer Bed: 217.8 in
Width 2WD: 66.5 in
4WD & 2001–02 wilderness Runner, Crew taxi 2WD & master Cab 2WD: 71.9 in
2003–04: 71.2 in
2003–04 master taxi 2WD: 67.7 in
Height 1998–2002 King taxi 2WD: 62.6 in
Master taxi 4WD & 2001–02 Desert Runner, Crew Cab 2WD & Master taxi 2WD: 65.9 in
1998–2000 average taxi 2WD: 62.5 in
1998–2002 XE average taxi 2WD: 62.8 in
1998–2000 standard taxi 4WD: 66.1 in
2003–04 master taxi 4WD & XE 2WD: 66.7 in
2003–04 Crew Cab 4WD: 67.1 in
2003–04 SVE & SC Long sleep team taxi 4WD: 71.8 in
2003–04 master Cab 2WD: 63.2 in
SC 2WD: 69.9 in
Predecessor Nissan Hardbody
Successor Nissan Navara/Frontier
2001–2004 Nissan Frontier

The Frontier had been launched in 1997 when it comes to 1998 model seasons as a replacement when it comes to the aging process 1986.5–1997 Nissan Hardbody Vehicle. Nissan very first offered the Frontier with a 4-cylinder engine, the KA24DE, but included the V6 engine, the VG33E in 1999. In Australian Continent the D22 have the KA24E till 1999, after that altered to KA24DE solution that 12 months, a 3.0L V6 had been introduced in June 2000. In February 2003, 4x4 versions gotten a larger 3.3L V6, while 4x2 products continuing aided by the 3.0L V6. The V6 ended up being fallen in 2005, making the 2.5L turbo diesel since the only offered motor. Somewhere else, the Frontier has also been referred to as Nissan Navara.

A four-door form of the D22 is designed and created during 1997–1998, being very first produced in April 1999 and established in May 1999 as 2000 Frontier staff taxi.

In February 2000 during the Chicago automobile tv show, Nissan launched a facelifted Frontier for 2001, with bolder styling in an effort to make it more desirable to more youthful purchasers in its 2nd generation. The Frontier was totally redone following the 2004 model seasons, which later triggered the indefinite discontinuation for the regular cab design.

The D22 Navara was a concise dimensions pickup truck manufactured from 1997 to 2004. But Nissan will continue to establish the D22 as a cheaper replacement for the existing D40, and it is called "Pickup".
2009–2011 Nissan Navara DX. Note: updated outside home handles from 2009 onwards.

Originally prepared to check out the D21 Hard system in being created by Nissan Design Overseas in La Jolla, CA, design of this D22 had been reluctantly directed at Japan through the 1994–1995 stage. It was because NDI becoming hectic with many design jobs of for ideas and versions, such as the venture, Altima, and Maxima. Build of an updated D22 is eventually fond of NDI in 1998.

1st variety of D22s had bigger 3.2-litre ordinarily aspirated Diesel machines creating 75 kW. The next series has actually 4 offered motor sort. These people were as follows:

KA24E 2.4-litre, SOHC 1997-1999.
KA24DE: 2.4-litre, DOHC, 16V, 4-cylinder, creating 110 kW @ 5600 rpm and 208 N·m @ 3600 rpm.
YD25DDTi: 2.5-litre, DOHC, 16V, 4-cylinder, Turbo diesel intercooler, producing 98 kW @ 4000 rpm and 304 N·m @ 2000 rpm.
ZD30DDT: 3.0-litre, DOHC, 16V, 4-cylinder, Turbo diesel, creating 110 kW @ 3400 rpm and 314 N·m @ 2000 rpm.
VG33E: 3.3-litre, SOHC, 12V, 6-cylinder, producing 125 kW @ 4800 rpm and 266 N·m @ 2800 rpm.

The D22 Navara show stays on Nissan lineup for several countries and is generally Nissan NP300, Pickup, Frontier and Navara D22. In '09 the D22 had been updated with redesigned outside door handles.

The 2.4 L KA24DE ended up being used in many Nissan cars and trucks. Most KA24DEs bound for people are integrated the Mexican town of Aguascalientes, because of the exceptions associated with 240SX, 1994-97 Altima, and U13 Bluebird revealed in Australia with FWD configuration, which were stated in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. The KA24DE is quite just like the KA24E. The KA24E try SOHC with three valves per cylinder actuated by rocker arms, while the KA24DE try DOHC with four valves per cylinder and shim-over-bucket valve actuation. Build modifications regarding the dual cam motor range from the usage of a knock sensor, larger diameter girdled primary bearings in Japanese block, different oils cooking pan, various oil pickup, dipstick place and piston oil squirters. Aside from the enhanced energy and torque, the KA24DE features an increased redline compared to KA24E.

KA24de-a try an Altima particular style of the ka24de. The head and block were non-interchangeable between other models and exclusively cast for front-wheel drive process.

Variations in japan block to Mexican may present. The Mexico blocks implemented a supplier and oil pump drive much like the L-series; through the crank nostrils. They even made use of one row chain for the higher time assembly without device address installed guidelines. In addition to this, they removed the rearmost cam diary within the Mexico mind. The crank trips in independently capped bearings with a slightly small diameter compared to Japanese block, with shorter, a little lower compression pistons in cylinders that have thicker wall space versus Japanese DE. They retained the knock sensor and piston oilers.


Bore × Stroke: 89.0 × 96.0 mm
Displacement: 2389 cc
Max energy: 155 hp at 5400 rpm 110 kW at 5600 rpm)
Max torque: 160 ft·lb at 4400 rpm 208 N·m at 3600 rpm)
Valve Setup: DOHC, 16 valves
Compression ratio: 9.5:1, 9.2:1), 9.3:1
Time String


Winner of this FY 1998 Sho-Ene Taisho. The YD22DD is employed in Y11 Nissan AD van& W11 Expert. It is a non turbo motor utilizing the VP44 electronic managed rotary injections pump.

The YD22DDT is used when you look at the X-Trail, N16 Almera. They features the VP44 electric rotary injections system and wastegated turbochargers. The VP44 pump models are easily spotted because a-flat acoustic cover on the motor.

The YD22DDTi ended up being a commonrail diesel introduced in 2001, through the very first smaller facelift of the P12 Primera, N16 Almera and V10 Almera Tino. Additionally it is fitted to the Nissan X-trail. The shot system was commonrail with a variable vane turbocharger try intercooled and produces the most power and torque of all the YD22 motors. Cars with this particular commonrail system usually bring the DDTI badge. The commonrail variation is easily recognized from VP44 model because of the 4 injector bumps on top regarding the acoustic address.

Non intercooled versions for this engine had been also readily available with a lowered power rating.

This engine features the VP44 rotary shot pump and it is turbocharged and intercooled. In the Presage/Bassara it's installed laterally with an adjustable vane turbocharger and torque is limited to around 280 N·m take care of the 4 speed automated gearbox attached. In D22 Navara/Kingcab/Frontier the system is actually exactly the same apart from customizations to add-ons, supports and plumbing to accommodate the longitudinal engine layout. The turbo try a wastegated IHI RHF4 that will be furthermore intercooled. The more powerful gearbox enables it to produce even more torque versus Presage/Bassara version.

1998–2001 Nissan Presage
1998–2001 Nissan Bassara
Nissan D22 pickup
Nissan D40 pickup
–present Nissan Frontier

YD25DDTi High Power

The model details YD25DDTi technically is the YD25 machines designed to use the VP44 rotary digital shot pump and run shot outlines to every cylinder. This DDTi system was last used in the Presage/Bassara plus the D22 navara.

The most popular railway versions with this system are known in Europe as DCi. The commonrail motors are used into the D40 navara, late model D22 navara together with R51 pathfinder. This is the motor described below.

YD25DDTi high-power was created in 2005 for the Nissan Navara therefore the Nissan Pathfinder. They in the beginning produced 126 kW @ 4,000 rpm and 403 N·m of torque. In 2010, Nissan up-to-date the system when it comes to Nissan Navara and Nissan Pathfinder renovation to make 140 kW and 450 N·m of torque. Last year the Nissan Murano is fitted using the up-to-date engine producing 140 kW and 450 N·m of torque.

The Nissan ZD30 system family members are a 3 litre, inline four cylinder, diesel motor that replaced the Nissan QD motor. Obtainable in both traditional turbo, variable geometry turbo, and non turbo variations. The motor makes use of a Drive-by-wire engine management program with a draw-through MAF sensor. Created from 1999 - present, the latest products function a common rail design.

The VG engine household is composed of V6 piston motors created and created by Nissan for many automobiles when you look at the Nissan lineup. The VG series started in 1983 becoming Japan's first mass-produced V6 system. VG engines displace between 2.0 L and 3.3 L and have an iron block and aluminum minds. The first VG machines featured a SOHC arrangement with 6 valves per head. A later revision featured a slightly various block, and a DOHC arrangement which utilized 12 valves per mind and Nissan's own version of adjustable device time for a smoother idle and much more torque at lower to medium engine speeds. The block features an individual section primary bearing cap. The production obstructs and manufacturing mind castings were utilized successfully in Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo and NPT-90 cars which won the IMSA GT tournament three-years in a row.

The VG show engine receive its means into numerous of Nissan automobiles, beginning in 1984. The VG design was retired in 2004, through which time all V6-powered Nissans had turned on VQ system show.

VG20E in a Nissan Leopard.

The VG20E is a 2.0 L SOHC system created from 1984 on. It brings between 115 PS and 125 PS.


1986-1992 Nissan Leopard F31
1987-present Nissan Gloria/Nissan Cedric Y31


The VG20ET is in line with the VG20E, however with a turbocharger. The VG20ET brings 170 hp. This SOHC engine debuted on top of that whilst the VG20E. Furthermore coming using the Y30, this engine had been known as the "Jet Turbo", and included the Nissan Leopard designs XS, and XS-II Grand choice. As opposed to the VG30ET that arrived on the scene in the usa, the VG20ET came with an intercooler in certain brands to push the horsepower production to 155 hp, a good leap through the normally aspirated VG20E. The turbo included with the VG20ET had two various settings. At lower rates, the turbo's wastegate would remain sealed improving the reaction at lowest rpm. At higher speeds, the flap would remain available, reducing weight and improving exhaust flow. At its optimal movement, the flap would open up at an angle of 27 levels, even though the A/R ranged from 0.21–0.77. Becoming the VG20ET had a brief stroke, it had been considered to has inadequate lowest end torque. However, the VG20ET had been a great enhancement across VG20E.

It was found in the following automobiles:

1984–1989 Nissan 200Z
1984–1989 Nissan 200ZG
1984–1989 Nissan 200ZS
1984–1989 Nissan Laurel Medallist
1986–1988 Nissan Leopard
1984–1990 Nissan Bluebird


The VG20DET was an DOHC 2.0 L system with a porcelain turbocharger and intercooler. It's a bore of 78 mm and a stroke of 69.7 mm and creates 210 PS. This motor functions NVTCS.

It started used in 1987 in the after motors:

1988.08—1992.06 Nissan Leopard
Nissan Gloria/Nissan Cedric


The VG20P may be the Autogas type of the VG20. It creates 99 PS at 5,600 rpm and 149 N·m at 2,400 rpm. Later models build 105 PS at 6,000 rpm and 152 N·m at 2,400 rpm. Its an overhead cam, twelve-valve motor.

It's used in the following vehicles:

1987–2005 Nissan Cedric Y31


The VG30S try a 3 L SOHC twelve-valve engine with an electric carburettor that produces 148 PS at 4,800 rpm and 234 N·m at 3,600 rpm. This engine was primarily offered in export areas with additional leanient environmental laws, for instance the center East and Africa.

Its used in the immediate following:

Nissan Cedric Y31
Nissan Laurel C32


The VG30i is a 3 L motor produced from 1986 through 1989. It features a throttle body gas shot system. It offers a long crank snout, a cylinder mind temperatures sensor placed behind the timing buckle cover, and a knock sensor inside cylinder valley. They brings 140 PS at 4,800 rpm and 226 N·m at 2,800 rpm.


1986-1989 D21 Hardbody Vehicle
1986-1989 Nissan Pathfinder/Nissan Terrano


The 3.0 L VG30E created 153 hp and 182 lb·ft. Bore try 3.43 in and swing are 3.27 in. In 300ZX type, they created 160 hp and 173 lb·ft. On April 1987 the "W" show VG30 premiered, including 5 horse power but making torque unchanged. In 1989, the Maxima gotten the 160 hp score, additionally made use of a variable intake plenum increasing torque to 182 lb·ft @3200 rpm.

It was found in these vehicles:

1984–1989 Nissan 300ZX 9.0:1 compression ratio for NA
1984–1989 Nissan Laurel
1985–1994 Nissan Maxima
1987–1988 Nissan 200SX SE
1988–1996 Nissan Homy & Caravan show E24
1990–1992 Infiniti M30/Nissan Leopard
1990–1995 D21 Hardbody Truck
1990–1995 Nissan Pathfinder/Nissan Terrano
1992–1999 Nissan Gloria/Nissan Cedric
1993–1998 Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager

VG30ET in a 1984 300ZX

The 3.0 L VG30ET ended up being obtainable in early production with just one Garrett T3 turbocharger) and a 7.8:1 compression ratio. The USDM and JDM version produced 200 PS and 227 lb·ft. European versions created 250 PS and 252 lb·ft. Whenever "W"-Series VG30 premiered in April of 1987, horsepower is risen to 205 PS. All 1987 designs featured a T3 turbocharger). In 1988 the compression ratio ended up being altered to 8.3:1 and turbochanged with an individual Garrett T25 turbocharger) to reduce turbo lag. No VG30ET was ever before factory built with an intercooler because they were meant for quick throttle response and highlighted lower increase force.

It was used in the next vehicles:

1984–1989 Nissan 300ZX Turbo
Nissan Leopard
Nissan Gloria/Nissan Cedric
Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo Racecar


Initial quad cam 24 valve VG30DE engine originated for the 1985 MID4 idea. The 3.0 L VG30DE produces 190 hp to 222 hp and 198 lb·ft. Bore was 3.43 in and swing was 3.27 in. Initial Japanese market models reported 185 PS. There's two versions associated with VG30DE. The very first had been launched in 1986 regarding the Japanese 300ZR and Nissan Leopard F31, and ended up being never ever marketed in the united states. The VG30DE has actually two throttle bodies facing leading of the car or two throttle systems to the left. It absolutely was additionally setup with NVCS, an earlier kind of variable valve timing.

Early VG30DE's put huge oval intake harbors, and round fatigue harbors, though the flange is just like the SOHC VG system, bolt spacing had been somewhat various. Later VG30DE's utilized somewhat smaller oval intake harbors, and oval fatigue harbors. The bolt spacing is shared with the round-port variant from early in the day many years.

It really is found in here vehicles:

1985 Nissan MID4 Concept
1986–1989 Nissan 300ZR Z31
1990–1997 Nissan 300ZX Z32
1989–2000 Nissan Fairlady Z Z32
1986–1992 Nissan Leopard F31
1992–1998 Infiniti J30/Nissan Leopard J Ferie
1992–1995 Nissan Gloria and Cedric
1989–1991 Nissan Cima


The VG30DET try a 3.0-liter, 24-valve, quad-cam, VTC-equipped motor designed with a T3 4-bolt Garrett Turbo working between 7.5 and 11.5 psi. Producing around 255 hp and measuring 236 lb·ft based on boost degree, intake manifold, intercooler, and other elements.

While this system is comparable to the VG30DE, they utilized various minds and inlet manifold. Contrary to popular belief, it had been unavailable inside Nissan 300ZR design - the 300ZR best have an early type of the VG30DE. The motor ended up being available in the Cedric, Gloria, Cima and Leopard chassis. It is a single-turbo motor that has been used from 1987 through 1995 in Japan and the forerunner for the VG30DETT, the system that was circulated in the 1990 300ZX Twin-Turbo.

It had been obtainable in here automobiles:

Nissan Cedric Y32
Nissan Gloria
Nissan Cima FY31, FY32, FY33
Nissan Leopard


Manufacturing 3.0 L VG30DETT brings 300 hp and 283 lb·ft whenever mated with a five-speed manual transmission. Whenever mated aided by the four-speed automated transmission, it had been rated at 280 hp and 283 lb·ft of torque. The VG30DETT was first created when it comes to 1987 MID4-II idea and created 330 PS. It absolutely was the final of Nissan's four-valve, belt-driven DOHC turbocharged engines placed into production, becoming preceded by the CA18DET and RB20DET.It comes with crossbreed twin T22/TB02 turbochargers that have been created solely for Nissan, twin intercoolers, and NVTCS. The VG30DETT uses an iron block with aluminum minds. Domestic Japanese markets automobiles claimed 280 PS, because the Japanese car makers are limited by that number. It is found in these vehicles:

1987 Nissan MID4-II Concept
1989–2000 Nissan Fairlady Z Twin Turbo
1990–1996 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo


The VG33E is a 3.3 L version built-in Smyrna, TN. Bore was 91.5 mm and stroke is 83 mm. Production is 170 hp or 180 hp at 4,800 rpm with 202 lb·ft of torque at 2,800 rpm. It's a cast iron system block and aluminum SOHC cylinder minds. Compression proportion are 8.9:1. It has sequential gasoline shot, two valves per cylinder with self-adjusting hydraulic followers, forged metal linking rods, single-piece cast camshafts, and a cast aluminum reduced intake manifold with either a cast aluminum, or plastic/composite plenum. This engine continues to be in manufacturing inside Nissan Paladin from Zhengzhou Nissan when it comes to Chinese markets.

It's used in listed here cars:

1996–2000 Nissan Pathfinder
1996–2004 Nissan Pathfinder In Australian Systems
1997–2000 Infiniti QX4
1999–2004 Nissan Frontier
2000–2004 Nissan Xterra
1997–2002 Nissan Elgrand
1999–2002 Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager
200?–200? Nissan Paladin


The 3.3 L VG33ER was a supercharged type of the VG33, and creates 210 hp at 4,800 rpm with 246 lb·ft of torque at 2,800 rpm.

Its used in listed here automobiles:

2001–2004 Nissan Frontier SC
2002–2004 Nissan Xterra SC

The Navara had been no more marketed in Japan after 2002. Selling and manufacturing were only available in united states, with team Cab and master taxi variations and newer grille, bumper, headlights, taillights. Various other human body adjustment included integrated fender flares and tailgates. Available machines feature a petrol 143 hp 2.4-liter Inline-4, 180 hp 3.3-liter V6, and a 210 hp 3.3-liter V6 Supercharged variation. It's readily available with both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive. Nissan started exporting the next generation to main and south usa in which its known as the Nissan Frontier. Solitary cabs and crew cabs can be obtained aided by the petrol or diesel engines, 2WD and 4WD. It's also obtainable in Australia and New Zealand. The Brazilian plant begun production around 2002 and export to Argentina and Mexico. The Egyptian plant exports into the center East, and a-south African plant to African nations. Mexican production, starting in 2008: D22 truck Single Cab framework and longer Bed, Crew taxi called the D22 get.

Nissan Bolivia in fact imports from Japan the Nissan Frontier D22 Crew taxi, 2.4-liter petrol or diesel, 4WD. Imported from Mexico, the D22 Crew taxi and solitary cab lengthy sleep, petrol 2WD. Some Frontiers were gray imported through the American. These were V6 and automatic for personal importers.

Initially, the Frontier had been considered a compact, but you start with the completely redesigned design 12 months 2005 Frontier, it became much more mid-sized. They makes use of the latest Nissan F-Alpha system and outside human anatomy styling resembles that their full-size Nissan Titan truck. In 2012 production was changed from Smyrna, Tennessee to Canton Mississippi.

This new vehicle has a totally boxed ladder framework. The wheelbase is 125.9 in with a 205.5 in overall length. Towing ability was 6500 pound. A 4.0 L VQ-family V6, the VQ40DE, may be the standard motor, plus it creates 261 hp and 281 pound-feet of torque. Furthermore available could be the QR25DE four-cylinder engine, that is also found in the Nissan Altima. They produces 152 hp and 171 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed guide try standard with a five-speed automatic recommended. Both rear and four-wheel drive can be obtained. Grip control and hill-descent controls can also be found.

The Frontier is known as Navara when marketed in Europe. The engine was a 2.5 L YD25DDTi diesel, with 142 hp or 172 hp. The stronger version has actually 403 N·m of torque.

Nissan of Bolivia imports the D40 and D22. Sourced from Japan will be the Nissan Frontier D-22 staff Cab 4x4 and from Mexico the D-22 team taxi and single cab long sleep 4x2. Nissan of Bolivia imports a Nissan Navara D40 staff Cab aswell. Some Frontier D40s were imported from US with a V6 and automated transmission.

2009 Suzuki Equator offered taxi

Suzuki has started selling a Frontier-based mid-sized pickup that's generated by Nissan united states on Smyrna plant. The truck premiered on 2008 Chicago automobile Show as the Suzuki Equator. For 2009 the Frontier are certain to get a face raise with more options, colors, and newer wheels. The Nismo design is going to be changed by an innovative new PRO-4X model. Suzuki ultimately discontinued the Equator in 2013.
D40 Navara

The Navara in European countries was included with an updated Euro IV compliant engine on post September 2006 cars. It has four trim level, the S, SE, Outlaw and Aventura. The Aventura trim package has leather-based furniture, dual area weather control, six-stacker CD/MP3 changer and satellite navigation as standard.

In Australia, New Zealand and Southern Africa, the D40 Navara has actually a couple of differences from the UK variations. There are 2 motors available, 2.5-liter turbocharged diesel motor as well as the V6 petrol. The diesel engine in 4WD products brings 128 kW at 4000 rpm and 403 N·m at 2000 rpm, using 2WD systems creating less at 106 kW at 4000 rpm and 356 N·m at 2000 rpm. The V6 brings 198 kW at 5600 rpm of energy and 385 N·m at 4000 rpm. Both machines come with a regular five-speed automatic, with a six-speed handbook readily available for the diesel. These brands don't have fabric, environment controls or satellite navigation program like their UNITED KINGDOM variations.

The 2008 type of the Navara was released on 2 July. Modifications included an innovative new model of alloy tires, bluetooth as traditional, part work lights and signs regarding wing mirrors.

The 2008 Single taxi became obtainable in Thailand 6 March. The 2.5-liter system decrease the torque production from 356 N·m to 294 N·m @ 2,000 rpm. This design features 15-inch rims. Energy steering was standard. In addition readily available become electric mirrors and central energy locking as optional extra. Nissan prepared to offer the solitary cab and started to export internationally during the same period. Nissan furthermore continues to sell the D22 pickups with lesser updates for a reduced cost.

The Nissan Navara Double taxi became for sale in Malaysia on 5 November 2008. It really is available with a 2.5-liter diesel motor creating 128 kW and 403 N·m, only with a five-speed automated. Per year later on the six-speed handbook version became readily available. The D22 series Nissan Frontier stays available for sale in Malaysia with a manual transmission.

In November 2008 Nissan Thailand Released the all new Nissan Navara Calibre with a 144 PS @4000 rpm 36.3 kg·m @2000 rpm readily available with a five-speed automated or a six-speed manual transmission.

On 11 June 2014, Nissan unveiled the next generation Navara and is codenamed D23. The D23 will never be obtainable in the US. Series production will commence at a unique $360 million plant in Samut Prakan, Thailand in July 2014 and deliveries began in August. A Nissan North America representative, Dan Bedore, have claimed that D23 is certainly not indicative of a D40 Frontier substitution. The European model will function a 2.3-litre engine from Nissan NV400.

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In Asia and Europe, it was called as Nissan Navara. Nissan Frontier is a very popular and successful truck that has received highest rating from IIHS,'s 2011 Top Recommended Compact Truck, J.D. Power and Associates Highest Ranked Midsize Pickup in Initial Quality Award and so on.

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Nissan Navara is the name for the D22 and D40 generations of Nissan pickup trucks sold in Asia. The line began in 1998, replacing the D21 Nissan Hardbody truck. Nissan was the pioneer of the "Hardbody" or "Nissan Frontier" since 1986.

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