Meditation for people with Cancer and People in Remission – Gael Drum

Meditation for people with Cancer and People in Remission by Gael Drum A Guided Meditation View all our Meditation Audio CD click here Get other Cancer Audio CD click here Meditation for people with cancer and people in remission by Gael Drum – Audio CD Brand New : 1 CDs Meditation 1 – Hope Strength Courage Joy Happiness A guided visualisation empowering your immune system to release the weak disorientated cancer cells with emotional issues and feelings trapped inside. You are then guided to your Celestial healing realm where you allow your white cells to rejuvenate and regenerate enabling you to replace stress with hope courage joy and happiness. Meditation 2 – Understanding and Forgiveness – a meditation also for people in remission. Safely relaxing and releasing any cares and concerns you are gently guided into your body to pain or tension allowing yourself to come to an understanding with the person most relevant to these feelings. You then float to your euphoric realm where you experience peace stillness and love. Benefits * Self empowerment as you become an active participant in your own health and wellbeing * Brings about positive changes * Increases inner strength and well being keeping your immune system functioning at its best About Gael Drum Gael Drum is one of Australias leading authorities on work/life balance. She is an author and professional speaker who speaks to CEOs managers professionals business owners and staff who are working in a business environment thats tough fast and constantly changing. Gael gained her business and psychology education from the University of Life Experiences. Over three decades she owned and operated very successful hair and beauty salons and health and wellbeing businesses whilst juggling a growing family. As a mother of 4 a click here…..

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