Master Key – technicians key Victa Red Coin Pay Phone Telecom 1970s

Master Key / Technicians Key for Vintage Victa Red Coin Phone. This is a master key that allows you to take apart the two halfs of a Victa Red Coin phone. It does not open the coin box and it does not operate the override facility – these are different keys. Master Key / Technicians Key for Vintage Victa Red Coin Phone additional info…..

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red pay phone | Collectables | Gumtree Australia Melville … It must be noted that my phone comes with the very hard to get safe key and the technicians key and Ks (coin bypass) key. . This phone has all it’s original circuitry intact and has been fully serviced by a retired technician for clarity of transmission, and the dial adjusted to run at 10 pulses per second for trouble free dialing.

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VINTAGE TELEPHONE RED Payphone Phone C1975 *Spectacular … VINTAGE TELEPHONE RED Payphone Phone C1975 *Spectacular* – $739.00. I have for your consideration, my stunning Red Payphone produced around 1975. These highly collectible phones were one of the first private payphones introduced in Australia in the early 1960s and used up until the 1980s, under the control of the PMG (Post Master General) and …

Retro Rotary Dial Phones Telephones by PMG and Telecom … Red Rotary Dial Phone – 801 made by PMG / Telecom refurbished — Extremely Rare Australian made! -Refurbished Shell and components – Rare 801 ACF model from the 1960’s with red cord