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Lonely Planet Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook 3500 two-way dictionary Get Other Chinese Audio Language learning Audio click here Lonely Planet Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook Paperback 140 grams Theres no need to lose face forgo the Peking duck or miss the slow boat down the Yangtze. This Mandarin phrasebook will prove more valuable on the road than a bicycle in Beijing. Now includes Pinyin. Features include etiquette cultural tips comprehensive food section an easy-to-use pronunciation guide plus and extensive two-way dictionary user-friendly sentence builder. Pack this phrasebook for: Northern and south-western China Singapore About the Chinese Language Traditional Chinese is a category of related Chinese dialects spoken across most of northern and south-western China. When taken as a separate language as is often done in academic literature the Mandarin dialects have more speakers than any other language. In English Mandarin can refer to either of two distinct concepts: * to Standard Chinese or Standard Mandarin (Putonghua/Guoyu/Huayu/Hanyu) which is based on the particular Mandarin dialect spoken in Beijing. Standard Mandarin functions as the official spoken language of the Peoples Republic of China the official language of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and one of the four official languages of Singapore. ;Chinese – in practice Standard Mandarin – is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. * to all of the Mandarin dialects spoken in northern and south-western China. In everyday use Mandarin refers usually to just Standard Mandarin (Putonghua/Guoyu). In its broader sense Mandarin is a diverse group of related dialects some less mutually intelligible than others. It is a grouping defined and used mainly by linguists and is not commonly used outside of academ extra

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Mandarin – Lonely Planet Lonely Planet and the Lonely Planet logo are trade marks of Lone ly Planet and are registered … About Mandarin Learn about Mandarin , build your own sentences and pronounce words correctly. … Travel Phrases Ready-made phrases for every situation – buy a ticket, book a hotel and much more. PAGE 31

Mandarin Phrasebook & Dictionary – Lonely Planet Online … Add to Cart Lonely Planet Mandarin Phrasebook & Dictionary is your handy passport to culturally enriching travels with the most relevant and useful Mandarin phrases and vocabulary for all your travel needs. Order authentic street food, chat over a game of mah jong and bargain at the market; all with your trusted travel companion.

Best Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook … – Travel China Cheaper The DK Travel Mandarin Chinese Phrase Book is an excellent alternative to Lonely Planet and offers just as much information presented with their own unique twist. In addition to what you would expect with the typical phrase guide, DK Eyewitness Travel also includeas: Free Downloadable Audio to help you pronounce the words and phrases correctly.

Lonely Planet Mandarin Phrasebook & Dictionary – Language … Lonely Planet Mandarin Phrasebook & Dictionary Publisher: Lonely Planet ISBN: 1786571692 Date: 2018, 10th ed. Pages: 256 Format: EPUB, built-in audio Size: 8.9MB Language: English/Chinese. Lonely Planet Mandarin Phrasebook & Dictionary is your handy passport to culturally enriching travels with the most relevant and useful Mandarin phrases and vocabulary for all your travel needs.

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Lonely Planet Mandarin Phrasebook & CD | Latitude Books Read, listen to and practice Mandarin with this phrasebook and CD pack. Easy-to-find phrases for every travel situation. Read, listen to and practice Mandarin with this phrasebook and CD pack. Easy-to-find phrases for every travel situation. … Lonely Planet Mandarin Phrasebook & CD …

China Phrasebook – Mandarin – Download Lonely Planet … This is the Mandarin chapter from Lonely Planet’s China Phrasebookguidebook. Get all your essential travel phrases, with sections on transport, accommodation, shopping, making conversation and more. A guide to pronunciation will have you chatting with the locals in no time.