Instant Immersion French 8 Audio CDs NEW

Instant Immersion French 8 Audio CDs – play in yourcar – portable CD player – or at home – (they are not computer software) Instant Immersion French 8 Audio CDs – Learn to speak French Brand New : 8 CDs From Provence to Paris now you can join the conversation with Instant Immersion French the dynamic audio language learning system on 8 compact discs. Providing effective progressive instruction in all the basics of structure syntax and grammar Instant Immersion French for Travelers emphasizes the building blocks of proper speech and conversational skill-building all set to a lively lesson plan of practical French vocabulary. Not a phrase book not a translation guide Instant Immersion French is the speedy sophisticated route to proper French for all non-native speakers on the go. Follow the audio lesson plan at your own pace! CD 1: Alphabet; Sounds CD 2: Greetings; Days of the week; Weather CD 3: Numbers; Time/hours; Telephone numbers; Corresponding verbs CD 4: Questions; Verb endings; Conjugations; Prepositions CD 5: Shopping terms; Methods of payment CD 6: Expressing a goal; Intent; Corresponding verbs CD 7: Quantity; Discussing opinions; Prepositions CD 8: Course review About the French Language French is the most northerly of the ROMANCE LANGUAGES that descend from Latin the language of the Roman Empire. Historically it is the language of northern France: it became Frances national language and spread to many other parts of the world with French conquest and trade. The Celtic-speaking inhabitants of Gaul were among the first non-Italians to take a full part in the culture of the Roman Empire. Not surprisingly there are Celtic loanwords in Latin and in all the Romance languages. There are a few documents and religious texts in French of the 10th and 11th centuries but further data

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