Indigo Dreams Lori Lite – Childrens Relaxation Meditation

Indigo Dreams by Lori Lite for other Indigo Relaxation Audio CD click here for other Childrens Meditation or Relaxation Audio CD click here Indigo Dreams – by Lori Lite Audio Book on CD Brand New (still shrink wrapped): 1 CD s Indigo Dreams is a 60 minute CD/audio book designed to entertain your child while introducing them to relaxation and stress-management techniques. Four unique bedtime stories incorporate breathing visualizations muscular relaxation and affirmations. These are the same techniques recommended for adults but presented in a fun interactive format that appeal to children. Children follow the characters along as they learn belly breathing with A Boy and a Bear make positive statements with The Affirmation Web visualize with A Boy and a Turtle and relax with The Goodnight Caterpillar. Indigo Dreams shorter stories are perfect for shorter attention spans and beginners. The stories are best suited for ages 4-9. These proven techniques encourage wellness and provide tools for children who suffer from anxiety stress trauma hyperactivity anger sleep issues and lack of confidence. The narration is accompanied by soothing sounds of crickets gentle breezes and forest animals. An additional music sound track is included to further enhance your childs relaxation experience. quot;These stories were created to help our own child fall asleep. I was amazed when my son stopped jumping on the bed to breathe with the bear. It was a magical moment! My husband heard the story and asked me to write it down! I knew then that my life purpose was to help children. quot; About the Author Lori Lite Lori Lite began creating stories to insure her own childrens strong state of mind and peaceful sleep. Her own experiences with stress and anxiety ailments sent her searching for tech more info

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