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Indigo Dreaming by Indigo Kidz Meditations for Children View all our Meditations for Children Audio CDs click here Indigo Dreaming by Indigo Kidz – Audio CD Brand New (still shrink wrapped): 1 CDs This CD contains the sound recording of Indigo Dreaming – A Magical Bedtime Story Book for Children two awareness activities and a selection of visualisations to introduce children to meditation and relaxation techniques and to enhance their mind body and spirit. Enjoy the magical bedtime story of Indigo the Rainbow Pixie and the Enchanted Lotus. Learn breathing and body awareness with Balloon Breath and Elastic Band. Create your own special place with Magic Garden. Meet your Guardian Angel and discover the Wishing Tree and its secrets. Learn the magic properties of the Circle of Light and how to make every day full of fun and positive experiences with Sunrise and Sunset. The story and meditations are accompanied by the beautiful music of Christine Morrison. Christine is a composer sound healer and teacher. Her piano music and sounds have been said to soothe the soul. Indigo Dreaming by Indigo Kidz – Audio CD much more info

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Childrens Books – Books and more Childrens Books Children’s literature or juvenile literature involves stories, books, plus poems which are loved by youngsters. One may trace children’s literature back with stories plus tunes, piece of the wider oral custom, which adults shared with kids before publishing existed.

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