Grey Rotary Dial Phone – 802 made by PMG / Telecom refurbished -NEW Plastic Case

One Collectable Retro Rotary Dial Grey Phone refurbished by Telecom Australia workshops (previously the PMG) and never used since (packed in Telecom box).In as new condition Has new dial label (blank). This was the standard telephone in Australian homes during the 1960 s and 70 s. Telecom code was 802 ACF Grey These phones were refurbished by Telecom workshops in Perth in the late 1980s. These particular phones had the electronics refurbished and the plastic case replaced with a new plastic case . The phones have been unused since. They do have slight rub marks at the side of the phones from storage in the box. You will never find second hand phones in such fantastic condition as these phones.They have new dial labels new dial covers. It works perfectly and can be used anywhere in the world where you can obtain decadic service (nearly all of Australia and most of the world information on where they will work here) . You may need an adaptor here if you do not have standard Telecom plugs you may need an ADSL filter information on ADSL with retro phones here) For more details on the difference between refurbished plastic shells and new shells click here Hear the Ring of the ACF Grey Rotary Dial Phone One Collectable Retro Rotary Dial Grey Phone refurbished by Telecom Australia workshops and never used since (packed in Telecom box).In as new condition more here…..

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