DK Eyewitness Travel Guide – Italian Phrase Book and Cd

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide – Italian Phrase Book and Cd Includes a Phrasebook and 70 minute CD Other Learn to Speak Italian Items click here DK Eyewitness Travel Guide – Italian Phrase Book and Cd An Essential Reference for Every Traveller Brand New – Still in Original Packaging Quick and easy to use and of a size suitable to fit in a pocket this Italian phrase book is organized by subjects such as everyday phrases hotels and travelling around. The book uses a simple system of imitated pronunciation and includes references to the Euro currency. This easy-to-use pocket-sized book is organised by everyday subjects so you can easily refer to all the essential words and phrases you will need for a trip to Italy.The ample selection of useful words and phrases will meet the general needs of both tourist and business travellers and is supported by a 2 000-line mini dictionary.Easy-to-use book for reference on the move 70-minute CD to practice your vocabulary and aid pronunciation.Useful phrases for every situation plus an extensive menu guide.These pocket dictionaries give business and vacation travelers everything they need for a smooth successful trip. Organized by subject the traveler can quickly find the vocabulary relevant to the situation whether transportation hotels meals shopping post offices and banks sports or health care accompanied by a pronunciation guide. At the end of each phrase book is a 2 000-word mini-dictionary. Fully updated from the original editions to reflect currency changes such as the Euro and new vocabulary such as e-tickets. About the Italian Language Italian is a Romance language spoken by about 63 million people primarily in Italy. In Switzerland Italian is one of four official languages. It is also the official language of San Marino and Vatic more advice

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DK Eyewitness Travel Phrase Book Italian by DK Eyewitness … Having aided millions of travellers on their journeys, DK’s iconic Eyewitness Phrase Book series is back and better than ever. The perfect language survival guide for everyday situations, Eyewitness Phrase Book- Italian provides all the key words and phrases you need.

Eyewitness Travel Guides: Italian Visual Phrase Book | DK US The Eyewitness Travel Guides: Italian Visual Phrase Book can help you start learning Italian today. Whether you’re visiting Italy for business or pleasure, learn how to speak Italian with essential words and phrases for hundreds of illustrated everyday objects.

Eyewitness Travel Phrase Book Italian | DK UK Having aided millions of travellers on their journeys, DK’s iconic Eyewitness Phrase Book series is back and better than ever. The perfect language survival guide for everyday situations, Eyewitness Phrase Book: Italian provides all the key words and phrases you need. Word lists and stunning photographs make learning basic Italian phrases easier than ever before, and every guide includes a menu guide and two-way dictionary to ensure you’re always covered.

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Eyewitness Travel Phrase Book Italian | DK US A pocket dictionary with vital vocabulary, phrases, and information for travelers. Filled with common Italian phrases and everyday vocabulary, this is an easy-to-transport dictionary that is perfect for vacations or business trips. Eyewitness Travel Phrase Book Italian is organized by subject, makin…

Eyewitness Travel Guides: Italian Phrase Book | DK US About Eyewitness Travel Guides: Italian Phrase Book These pocket dictionaries give business and vacation travelers everything they need for a smooth, successful trip. Organized by subject, the traveler can quickly find the vocabulary relevant to the situation, whether transportation, hotels, meals, shopping, post offices and banks, sports, or health care, accompanied by a pronunciation guide.