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Cycling France Lonely Planet GuidebookBike Touring in France by Ethan Gelber French Audio and Book Language Learning click hereTravel guides for France click here Bien sur you know how beautiful France is. Well consider this: it looks even lovelier when seen from two wheels. The soaring Alps…the chateau-dotted Loire…even surprisingly cycle-friendly Paris – no wonder cyclotouristes have been coming here since the 19th century.Whether you want a gourmands tour through vineyard and farmland or to conquer the principal climbs of the Tour de France in the High Alps this guide gives you the best of France on two wheels. * Itineraries to suit all fitness levels * Elevation charts and detailed maps * Comprehensive listings for sleeping eating and facilities along the way * Comprehensive coverage of CorsicaBicycle Touring Times and Distances Ride difficulty maps and profiles About the Author Ethan Gelber An unapologetically native New Yorker Ethan first landed in Paris in 1987 for a college semester of overseas study. He hit the ground wheels already spinning with all the grace of a deflated souffle. Twenty years later after a long stint organising and guiding trips for a France-based bike tour operator a down-and-out-worthy series of odd jobs and friends in Paris untold thousands of kilometres in the saddle in over 40 countries and hundreds of thousands of words written about it all hes amused to think that its all come down to this book. Ethan now resides in Australia with Jane and Rohan happy with the knowledge he can begin a new chapter in life. Cycling France Lonely Planet Guidebook additional info…..

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