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Learn Portuguese (Brazilian) Free: 3 Online Portuguese … Portuguese Language About: Brazilian Portuguese is a set of dialects of the Portuguese language used mostly in Brazil. It is spoken by virtually all of the 200 million inhabitants of Brazil and spoken widely across the Brazilian diaspora, today consisting of about two million Brazilians who have emigrated to other countries.

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1 Portuguese Manual: Language and Culture 4 Demographics and Language Portuguese Linguistic Affiliations Portuguese is a Romance language with Latin roots, although some words are Arabic in origin.

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16 Free Online Portuguese Language Classes – Front Page I already mentioned italki for European Portuguese, but of course, it’s just as important to speak with native speakers if you’re learning Brazilian Portuguese. It’s not always easy to get on Skype and chat with a native speaker when you’re new to a language, but you can bet you’ll learn a lot more this way than you ever will from self-study.