Berlitz Swedish Phrase Book and Audio CD

Berlitz Swedish Phrase Book and CD 224 page phrasebook and sound CD Get Other Swedish Language Learning Audio click here Berlitz Swedish Phrasebook and Audio CD Brand New The Berlitz Swedish Phrase Book and CD provides the many up-to-date relevant content in both print and sound formats to aid any traveler build a simple Swedish vocabulary. The completely revised and redesigned Phrase Book contains hundreds of helpful travel-related words – from suggesting hi to creating a hotel reservation to buying – and the user-friendly book is color-coded to offer convenient navigation between sections. Additionally included are useful full-color photographs a comprehensive menu reader and an English-Swedish dictionary. The accompanying sound CD is narrated by a native speaker utilizing a listen-and-repeat approach that assists the traveler get and retain fresh vocabulary. Whether traveling abroad for company or pleasure the hundreds of travel-related expressions and the advantageous compact formatting create the Berlitz Swedish Phrase Book and CD a suitcase important. Features: # Over 8 000 words and words for every situation # More than an hr of sound content narrated by a native speaker # Updated sections on development specialized requirements company and more About the Swedish Language Swedish is a North Germanic code spoken by over ten million individuals predominantly in Sweden and components of Finland specifically along the coastline and found on the Aland islands. It is to a considerable extent mutually intelligible with Norwegian and to a lower extent with Danish (see incredibly Classification). Along with all the additional North Germanic languages Swedish is a descendant of Old Norse the popular code of the Germanic peoples living in Scandinavia during the Viking Era. click here

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