BA BF Falcon Workshop Manual printed Indigo Books

BA BF Falcon Workshop Manual printed

The Ford BF Falcon was a full-size vehicles which was made by the Ford engine Company in Victoria, Australian Continent. This new model introduced numerous mechanical improvements to the Falcon, including yet not restricted to an increasing compression ratio and enhanced

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NEW - Paperback 214 pages Get other Ford Falcon Fairlane LTD manuals click here Ford Falcon Fairlane And Territory 2002 - 2009 Gregorys Owners Service And Repair Manual covers the following models: Sedans Wagons and Utilities.Note: this Manual DOES NOT include information specific to the V8 or LPG models.Series Covered: Falcon BA to BF 2002 - 2008 Fairmont BA to BF 2002 - 2008 Fairlane BA to BF 2002 - 2008 Territory SX and SY 2004 - 2009Engine Covered: 4.0 litre EFI normally aspirated and Turbocharged 6 Cylinder EnginesContents: Introductory PagesIntroduction to the Falcon Fairlane Territory; About this Manual; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Fraction/Decimal/Millimeter Equivalents; Jacking and Towing; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Safety First!; Troubleshooting Tune Up and Routine Maintenance 6 Cylinder Engine General Engine Overhaul Procedures Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Fuel and Exhaust Systems Engine Electrical Systems Emissions and Engine Control Systems Manual Transmission - 5 Speed BTR T5 (

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Get other Ford repair manuals hereFord Falcon BA BF Territory SX SY 2002 - 2009 Haynes Repair ManualRepair and workshop manual covering the 6 cylinder versions of the BA through BF Series II Falcon (2002 to 2008) and Fairlane (2003 to 2007) and SX and SY Territory models (2004-2009). Includes normally aspirated and turbocharged 6 cylinder engines sedans wagons and utilities. Note that it does not include information specific to V8 or LPG models. This Haynes aftermarket manual is a valuable guide to the home mechanic covering routine maintenance tune-up procedures engine repair cooling and heating air conditioning fuel and exhaust systems emission control ignition brakes suspension and steering electrical systems and wiring diagrams. Engines covered are: In-line 6-cylinder petrol 3984 ccIn-line 6-cylinder turbocharged petrol 3984 cc. Transmissions covered are: BTR T5 (M57) 5-speed manualTre

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Get other Ford repair manuals hereFord Falcon BA BF Territory SX SY 2002 - 2009 Haynes Repair ManualRepair and workshop manual covering the 6 cylinder versions of the BA through BF Series II Falcon (2002 to 2008) and Fairlane (2003 to 2007) and SX and SY Territory models (2004-2009). Includes normally aspirated and turbocharged 6 cylinder engines sedans wagons and utilities. Note that it does not include information specific to V8 or LPG models. This Haynes aftermarket manual is a valuable guide to the home mechanic covering routine maintenance tune-up procedures engine repair cooling and heating air conditioning fuel and exhaust systems emission control ignition brakes suspension and steering electrical systems and wiring diagrams. Engines covered are: In-line 6-cylinder petrol 3984 ccIn-line 6-cylinder turbocharged petrol 3984 cc. Transmissions covered are: BTR T5 (M57) 5-speed manualTremec T56 6-speed manualBTR 93LE 4-speed automaticZF Getreib

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car repair service maintenance manual book
NEW - Paperback 448 pages Other Ford Car Repair Manuals click here Get other Ford Falcon Fairlane LTD manuals click here The Ford Falcon Fairlane LTD BA - BF 2002 - 2008 Repair Manual Covers all of Ford s Falcon derived models - sedans wagons and commercials including Falcons Fairmonts Fairlanes LTDs XR6 and XR6 Turbo XR8 and FPV vehicles both in petrol and LPG formats (Note: does not cover RTV Utility).Covers all 6 cylinder engines ie petrol LPG and turbo plus the V8 engines both the Barra 220 / 230 and Boss 260 / 290: 4.0 Litre (3984 cc) Barra 182 DOHC 24 valve 6 cylinder petrol (BA BA II models) 4.0 Litre (3984 cc) Barra E-Gas DOHC 24 valve 6 cylinder LPG (BA BA II BF BF II models) 4.0 Litre (3984 cc) Barra 240T DOHC 24 valve turbo 6 cylinder petrol (BA BA II XR6 Turbo models) 4.0 Litre (3984 cc) Barra 190 DOHC 24 valve 6 cylinder (BF BF II models) 4.0 Litre (3984 cc) Barra 245T DOHC 24 valve turbo 6 cylinder petrol (BF BF II XR6 Turbo models) 4.0 Litre (3984 cc) Barra F6270 DOHC 24 valve turbo 6 cylinder petrol (BA II onwards FPV F6 Typhoon F6 Tornado Force 6 models) 5.4 Litre (5408 cc) Barra 220 SOHC 24 val

The Ford BF Falcon was a full-size vehicles which was made by the Ford engine Company in Victoria, Australian Continent. The BF Falcon begun production in October 2005 and a MkII up-date premiered in October 2006. The machines are exactly the same as those used on the last BA Falcon, with significant technical upgrades.

This new model introduced numerous mechanical improvements to the Falcon, including yet not restricted to an increasing compression ratio and enhanced now-independent double variable cam timing from the six-cylinder machines and enhanced knock sensing on DOHC 3 Valve V8 which, together with ECU customizations, led to improves in power, torque and fuel economy, required to comply with recently launched Euro III emissions standards. The modifications into six-cylinder engine more decreased the engine’s currently lowest sounds and vibration while increasing energy from 182 to 190 kW. With the BF, Ford introduced a six-speed automatic developed by German business ZF and Bosch. The XR6 Turbo have an electric boost to 245 kilowatts, combined with ZF six-speed automatic.
Regarding the 6 October 2006, the BF level II was formally established by former Ford Australian Continent President Tom Gorman. BF Falcon MkII proceeded purchase 22 October 2006. The XT, Futura and Fairmont recreation a facelift, with a brand new bonnet, headlights, grille and front and rear bumpers, whilst the XR number gets some lesser indoor revisions. The top the number Fairmont Ghia benefitted many from the BF Mark II upgrade compared to the more versions when you look at the number, like additional chrome and diamond finished alloy tires. The Fairmont Ghia in addition featured sportier body system with part skirts made to make the car more appealing to younger purchasers. Inside, the Fairmont Ghia showcased a piano black colored finish regarding the center stack, chrome plated home manages and a brushed aluminium look in the tool group.
November 2007 onwards BF Mk II XR6 Turbo

Inside final period of manufacturing, the XR6, XR6 Turbo and XR8 received a special edition human body system with dark gray inserts on the bumpers and skirts, shadow chrome 18" alloys with dark gray inserts from the spokes, and Premium Sound/Climate Control as standard. The normally aspirated XR6 had been gifted these alternatives only with the added solution of ZF six-speed automatic. In unique Zealand the vehicles utilizing the special edition system kit were referred to as 'Rebel' model and had Rebel badging because of the Rebel name sewn in to the fabric headrests. The NZ Rebel products included every one of the recommended updates.

It really is interesting to note that a lot of the Falcon's profits in Australia may be attributed to Ford Australian Continent continuing to handle equivalent issue that led to the Falcon's introduction within the 1960s: the opposition of Australian Ford buyers to "modest" designs. Attempts to sell the US Ford Taurus in Australian Continent and unique Zealand just as one future replacement for the Falcon proved devastating. Conversely, the Mondeo - which shown unpopular in Australia—is the largest model offered by Ford in European countries because the Scorpio is dropped in 1998.
The Ford BA Falcon are a full size vehicle, created by the Ford Motor organization of Australia between September 2002 and October 2005. The outside styling of the BA was an amazing revision of that employed for the preceding AU design, every panel except the entranceway skins is newly designed. An innovative new independent back suspension system setup was suited to all sedan types, in addition to system and transmission gotten substantial updates. In belated 2004, Ford introduced a Mark II inform, taking subtle styling and mechanical adjustment, and a year from then on, changed the BA using BF. The design's share of the market briefly topped compared to its main competitor, the Holden Commodore on two times, but have failed to suit those for the record-breaking EL Falcon. Within the best period of 2002, the BA design gotten the important tires automobile of the season award, breaking a 36-year drought. The BA in addition claimed four successive Australia's most useful Cars prizes, spanning 36 months.
The Ford area is a crossover athletics energy vehicle built by Ford Australian Continent that was launched in April 2004. Its based on the EA169 system introduced because of the 2002 Ford Falcon, and its own inner project codename had been E265. Winner of numerous automotive awards since its introduction, the area is the very first SUV to winnings the coveted Australian subject of rims Car of the Year in 2004, courtesy of car-like maneuvering and great practicality.

Both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations are readily available for the Australian market. AWD designs have actually a recommended Hill Descent Control system, utilizing the anti-lock braking system to regulate the car's motion downhill.

Reflecting their SUV design, sitting ability inside area is actually for either five or seven individuals. All seating rows tend to be organized in a "theatre design", whereby 1st line may be the least expensive while the last line could be the greatest. The center and straight back rows fold level to the floors to maximise cargo amount.

Ford introduced the area alongside the prevailing Falcon truck, that was constructed on similar Broadmeadows Assembly manufacturing line. Ford Australian Continent senior professionals expected the Falcon truck to-be discontinued after the development of the area, surmising that Falcon truck product sales would considerably decline as fleet buyers migrated towards the Territory. But the 2 systems co-existed for a while because Falcon wagon retained most of their fleet sales base while the Territory appealed primarily to personal buyers. The point is, producing the Falcon facility wagon ended up being terminated in September 2010.

The Territory is sold in New Zealand, and exports to South Africa began in 2005, and those to Thailand in 2006.

By October 2016 all Ford Australia manufacturing will cease, like the area.
The BA model represented a A$500 million financial investment, and 24,000 time of system and durability evaluating. Germany’s Nürburgring test track was used for some suspension evaluation. The anti-lock brake system and digital stability controls had been calibrated in Sweden, and Australian Continent.
XR8 indoor fitted aided by the premiums noise bundle and optional "Luxury Pack".
Outdoor design

Outdoor styling had been led by design director Scott stiff, then primary fashion designer for Ford Australia. After stronger departed from operations at Ford in 2001, Simon Butterworth took over this role. Ford Australia's intention was to produce a European influence for automobile, wherein more components of the AU's "brand new side" build is modified. The end result had been a substantial enhance associated with the present AU system shell, in the place of an entirely newer design. The BA model launched a built-in aerial inside car’s back screen, rather than the traditional retractable antenna. The aerial position enhanced the automobile's aerodynamics and concluded the damage conditions that have plagued the retractable means available on earlier models. Interestingly, disturbance through the motor couldn't affect the radio reception.
Interior decorating

From inside, the "unique side" indoor of this AU had been discarded in favour of a contemporary design, based upon European styles. Marcus Hotblack, the manager of interior planning, focused on enhancing functionality. The ensuing design ended up being an ergonomically-correct inside demand center, highlighted because of the satin-finish centre console. The motif is more longer because of the audio and cruise control switches' location regarding controls.
2002–2004 Ford BA Falcon Futura sedan

A prominent feature for the new demand center had been a sizable fluid crystal display which displayed details about the air fitness device and sound system. Purchasers could decide for a premium sound bundle, standard on Fairmont Ghia, including a full-colour screen. Ventilation outlets were larger than those of past products, leading to a cabin that could be more effectively and effectively heated or cooled. Another changes ended up being the headlamp turn, which was now on the end regarding the change signal stalk for easier reach.

Inside color systems varied from design to design, but provided a standard build method. The entry level XT featured a black synthetic panel when it comes to upper half of the dashboard, with both a black, charcoal, or beige panel the reduced half. Not absolutely all variants offered the distinctive color palette; the recreations variants could not be optioned with all the two-tone indoor.
System and mechanicals

Powerplants contained both straight-sixes and V8s, with all the entry-level Barra 182 six-cylinder becoming a significant enhancement over the AU Falcon's six. The base model motor included substantial mechanical changes like twin infinitely variable cam time for a gain of 25 kilowatts of energy for an overall total of 182 kilowatts. The Barra 182 can also take advantage of greater octane fuels, where a small enhance of torque is possible. The 156-kilowatt LPG-only Barra E-Gas motor ended up being provided as a choice on lower specs products.
LPG-powered variations associated with the BA range are commonly put as taxis throughout Australia.

A turbocharged variant of Barra motor ended up being introduced in a new XR6 Turbo design and produced 240 kilowatts of energy. A 5.4 litre V8 replaced the Windsor motor associated with AU. The newest V8 was a modified type of Ford's North American Modular V8 for sale in two variations: the Barra 220 creating 220 kilowatts and a 260 kilowatts manager 260. The newest system is smoother, most gas efficient, and less noisy as compared to system it changed.

The initial Territory show, produced between April 2004 and September 2005, had been referred to as SX series. Ford reportedly spent A$500 million on developing this vehicle during a period of four years.

Appearance-wise, the Territory used design cues from the us Freestyle and Taurus X, which proved to be a determining factor the support of Ford professionals in the hq in Dearborn, Michigan. Simon Butterworth, who had been behind the most important restyling of the Falcon that led to the 2002 BA show, styled the Territory together with formerly worked with their United states equivalent, J Mays, to produce the worldwide Ford "DNA". Marcus Hotblack worked on the area's indoor, prompted by the function of a Swiss military blade. As a result, the Territory has actually these types of convenient services as versatile cup holders and a handbag holder sideways of the chair for feminine drivers, recognising that many SUV purchasers tend to be family ladies.

The SX Territory is the first Australian-built vehicle to-be fitted with an electric security control program and side curtain airbags. Besides, area is the first SUV to own won the Australian rims vehicles of the Year honor, in 2004.

The SX sets supplied RWD or AWD with energy derived from the 182 kilowatts, 380 N·m 4.0-litre DOHC straight-six Barra petrol engine from BA Falcon, paired to a four-speed automatic gearbox. All designs were known for high fuel intake, averaging between 13–17 L/100 kilometer.
Design number

At release, the SX selection of models are:

TX: base bundle;
TS: household security bundle;
Ghia: luxury package;.

An Alpine DVD entertainment program for rear people, with 10.2-inch display screen and infrared headsets, ended up being supplied as standard or optional according to the design variation.

Australian and unique Zealand SX show designs become a little different visually: all designs marketed in New Zealand posses body-colour bumpers and alloy rims, such as the base design. Forward light detail resembles that jewelry in a black container. In unique Zealand, truly the only RWD design could be the base variation and all other products have AWD; during Australian Continent, all products can be obtained both traction setups.

The color range included: Indiana, Envi, Lightning attack, Mandarin, Offshore, Silhouette, Winter White, Zest.
Ford Area Ghia AWD

The SY ended up being mainly a mechanical update with no considerable artistic differentiation, that has been introduced in October 2005. Its crucial services included: enhanced system power; new automated transmission for AWD models; and, as an initial for an Australian-built automobile, a reverse parking digital camera. The TS now featured standard reverse sensors. All products got an innovative new secret design, and on cars built after might 2006, the plastic backside cladding along the bottom edge of the trunk tailgate altered become squeezed into the piece metal.

The SY ended up being run on a revised 4.0-litre DOHC straight-six engine now making 190 kilowatts and 383 N·m. The previous DSI four-speed automatic transmission is retained with small changes for RWD models; AWD models today featured the six-speed ZF 6HP26 automatic transmission that contributed to enhanced fuel usage.

The 2006 area Turbo was AWD-only and its turbocharged version of the base design created 245 kW and 480 N·m. Becoming AWD, it was just offered using after that brand-new six-speed ZF automated transmission.

The 2008 FPV F6X was also AWD-only and so fitted only with the above six-speed automated transmission. Its engine produced 270 kW and 550 N·m, leading to the automobile accelerating from 0–100 kilometres per hour in 5.9 moments.
Marketed mostly to the fleet industry, the entry-level Falcon XT marketed when you look at the more numbers. Featuring the beds base Barra 182 six-cylinder system, air conditioning, front energy house windows, and five-speed handbook, aided by the selection of a four-speed automated, the XT is sold in sedan and place truck human anatomy sort. The Barra 220 V8 system ended up being readily available as an alternative. Judges associated with the Australian Continent's Top vehicles prizes crowned the XT Best household Car in 2002, and once again in 2004, using Futura getting the honor in 2003.

The semi-luxury Futura variant is heavily in line with the XT, and advertised towards households. Futura versions attained cruise control, 16 inches alloy rims, back energy windows and complete body-coloured side-view mirrors and side-protection moldings. But, side-impact airbags and energy flexible pedals are only readily available as options.
Falcon XR6
The eight-cylinder XR8 muscle sedan, produces 260 kilowatts of power.

Building in the popular features of the XT, Ford Australian Continent at one point considered not releasing the sports-oriented Falcon XR6 due to the newer XR6 Turbo design. However, Ford overturned this decision before production. A specifically created system kit distinguished the XR6 off their alternatives, with the exception of the XR6 Turbo and XR8 which provided the activities bodywork. The naturally aspirated system ended up being identical to the system utilized on the XT and Futura, plus the five-speed guide transmission arrived as standard.

The recently launched Falcon XR6 Turbo received crucial acclaim at launch, and also the Australian Continent's Best vehicle's judges also awarded it the most effective low rider under $57,000 in 2002. At heart aesthetically just like the XR6, the turbocharged derivative gained extra services, utilizing the extra turbocharger improving the vehicle's total power output to 240 kilowatts. The turbocharger try a Garrett GT35/40 device.
Falcon XR8

Becoming the flagship recreations variant, the XR8 paid especially tuned sports suspension system, seating trim displaying the "XR" insignia, 17 inch rims together with latest 5.4 litre manager 260 motor, outputting 30 % even more energy than the previous design.

The Fairmont model exposed the luxury industry when it comes to BA range. Externally, the Fairmont might be recognized from other BA brands having its 16-inch alloy tires and gray mesh grille with chrome surround. Some of the standard properties included grip control and dual-zone climate controls ac, an analogue clock on the top centre system bunch, lumber whole grain highlights, and velour furniture. AutoLamp automated headlights, which turn off or on based surrounding environmental problems, were today standard regarding the Fairmont design. Furthermore, the Fairmont also gotten illuminated footwells. The basic technical setup transported over from the XT, although buyers could select the Barra 220 V8 system.
Fairmont Ghia

By far the most expensive variation into the BA range, the Fairmont Ghia featured fabric furniture, lumber whole grain shows, full-power options and an original suspension system installation. The advanced audio system, which included a full-colour Liquid Crystal Display display, is standard, plus the centre system pile was characterised by an analogue time clock. Reverse parking sensors had been designed for the very first time within the BA, traditional from the Ghia. The sensors showcase an automatic turn-off function for use whenever towing a boat or truck like.

Ford was seizing the high-technology lead in Australian motors because of the release associated with the latest BA Falcon, including a four-valve two fold overhead camshaft cylinder head and dual VCT to all or any I6 motors.

182kW base system
240kW Turbo XR6 motor
New DOHC 24-valve mind with double VCT
Detailed redesign of I6 engine from top to bottom

"exactly what Ford had in mind because of this engine ended up being the best I6. The motor really possess everything when it comes to technology and services: it has the best few camshafts and valves, they?s have the phasers, it's got whatever you?d want in a high for the range motor."

"one of the greatest moments had been as soon as we went the initial engine on dyno. They started, and ran and delivered when it comes to results. It had been dependable and we didn?t have any problems with they. It ran and ran and ran through all our studies.

"In baseball terminology it had been a property run." stated Dave Mitchell, motor Design manager

Manufacturing priorities for Barra 182 I6 update included improving overall performance and lowering NVH.

The adjustable camshaft timing tech is extended to include infinitely adjustable camshaft adjustment within a 60-degree range. There is certainly a VCT phaser on each of the two camshafts.

The motor, which remains at 4.0-litres ability, now produces class-leading 182kW of power and 380 Nm of torque.

Its torque spread is extremely ample throughout the whole operating number and it is raised to 6000rpm, well over their forerunner.

For XR6 designs a turbo-charged version ? the Barra 240T ? can be acquired the very first time, creating 240kW and 450Nm, assuring XR6 of lessons dominance.

The four-valve mind and double VCT try an important upgrade, but there?s even more.

The complete engine has been modified with latest burning chambers and port design, the use of coil-on-plug ignition, an individual string drive when it comes to camshafts, electronic ?drive-by-wire? throttle control and a crank-mounted oil pump.

The outcome is improved energy and torque, lower gas consumption, cleaner emissions and better suppression of sounds, vibration and harshness level.

The engine note has actually improved, by way of best top-end smoothness, while inlet and fatigue manifold sounds has-been paid off.

All petrol machines inside Barra family members today showcase failsafe-cooling safeguards

Barra 240T

The XR6 turbocharged and intercooled system brings a stunning 240kW.

Tickford's engineers were assigned using challenge of increasing low speeds torque and lowering turbo lag, to provide an exhilarating operating experience.

The effect try a motor providing you with optimum torque of 450Nm from 2000 rpm to 4500 rpm.

The bountiful low-down torque is realized via a boost pressure of 6psi.

The turbocharger utilized regarding the Falcon XR6 Turbo system is the aptly known as Garrett GT40, mounted off a cast metal exhaust manifold.

For enhanced durability the turbo makes use of engine oil-lubricated and water-cooled bearings in addition to newest ball bearing technologies.

An electric single by-pass wastegate controls boost stress accurately and reliably to reach optimal torque to 4500rpm.

Offered Australia?s elevated ambient summertime temperatures while the need to uphold trustworthy overall performance, the brand new turbo product makes use of an air-to-air intercooler to improve the thickness of atmosphere achieving the inlet manifold.

The intercooler regulates the temperatures for the charged environment to steadfastly keep up boost pressure and power and torque outputs, even under very high ambient running conditions.

In the engine you will find newer pistons and piston rings, although the compression ratio try reduced to 8.7:1.

Higher temperature tolerant exhaust valves tend to be included and gas delivery pressure are increased to 4 club.

I6 Motor: All Modifications

Standard double variable camshaft time across the number
Double overhead camshafts
Electronic Throttle Controls
Turbocharged I6 choice for XR6
New crank-mounted oils pump
Coil-on-plug ignition system
Inside fatigue petrol recirculation to simply help satisfy Euro II emissions
Enhanced Powertrain Control Component


BA Falcon?s new Barra 182 I6 engine boasts class-leading energy and torque, advanced electric and technical improvements and advantages from a strict weight controls regimen.

Driveability are considerably improved on the earlier unit thanks to energy and torque increases while the connection of brand new twin adjustable camshaft timing. This results in a fatter, flatter torque bend with increased grunt through the complete rev range.

The rev restriction has been lifted to 6000rpm to benefit through the extra higher end power permitted by the newer cylinder head arrangement.

Increasing the rev limit has actually allowed higher exploitation of this enhanced top-end power thanks to the four-valve double expense camshaft configuration, while bottom-end grunt improves due to the adoption of infinitely variable camshaft time.


Ford Australian Continent gained from Ford?s global motor expertise by plugging into best rehearse processes as well as using Ford Motor organization?s higher level computer system aided manufacturing business in the us.

Much efforts is undertaken to fine-tune the inlet road and cylinder mind build to increase output and effectiveness.

The dual variable camshaft timing is amongst the earliest solutions with this technology in Ford world.

The oils pump attached to the front of this crank was specifically made to satisfy Falcon?s needs, along with its high rev limitation.

Twin VCT phasers

BA Falcon presents double infinitely adjustable camshaft time, one of the first programs of the technology throughout the Ford globe.

The aim of the machine will be augment torque at any rpm place.

As well as the enhanced overall performance across a broad rev range, discover an apparent reduction in fuel intake, specially at part throttle.

At cruise on highway, where throttle opportunities were paid off, the device is able to retard the timing up to 50 levels.

This slices fuel intake as well as supplying inner exhaust gasoline recirculation that can help reduced tailpipe emissions.

At idle, the camshaft was advanced by 10 levels for smoother operating.

Camshaft difference of 60-degrees allows the four-valve engine to supply lots of low-down torque. Usually four-valve machines prove a very good high class but suffer from a weak bottom end. Due to the dual VCT system, the Falcon I6 provides purposeful torque from very low revs.

The transition through the 60-degree advance/retard number try seamless, unlike some less advanced methods where there is certainly a precise aim of which one or any other regimen takes influence.

The total amount of modifications depends upon contrasting the career for the camshaft with a pre-mapped calibration.

Each camshaft on I6 motor is equipped with a camshaft phaser enabling to 60-degrees of difference, dependent on system load. The variation is triggered via oil-pressure acting up against the phaser.

an oils control valve is fitted on top of each camshaft phaser for instant reaction and much better reliability. Both controls valves are triggered at the same time by impulses got from Powertrain Control Module.

Installing the oil control valve within the cylinder mind eliminates the necessity for separate oils tactics while offering greater durability and dependability, as well as packaging efficiencies and pounds savings.

To make sure perfect sitting associated with the camshafts, the four VCT oil control galley plates is bolted to the the surface of the cylinder mind ahead of the galleys when it comes to camshafts become annoyed.

All the four galley dishes is exclusive so they is not mismatched during in-field provider. The galley plates locate on dowels sunk to the mind for perfect placement each and every time.

Internal Fatigue Gasoline Recirculation

Fatigue petrol recirculation try a and crucial function of the I6 motor. It can help lower the number of unburned hydrocarbons making the tailpipe, helping the Barra Falcon I6 system meet stringent Euro II emission restrictions well before their implementation in Australia.

In conjunction with the electronics utilized by the twin VCT system, the inner EGR program permits the belated finishing associated with the fatigue valve on the downward induction swing, which sucks right back a few of the unburned exhaust gas through the extractors.

This mixes because of the fresh inbound petrol/air fee, lowering gasoline usage.

Utilizing the VCT administration program to provide the belated closing of this exhaust device eliminates the need for a bolt?on external EGR program, preserving body weight and value.

Cylinder head

The new aluminium cylinder head are cast using an ideal practise gravity casting technique as opposed to the previous low-pressure die-casting technique.

On arrival at Ford in Geelong, it really is complete machined within the completely refurbished, multi-million dollar head machining functions area.

The cylinder mind is mostly about 50 per cent stiffer versus previous unit. This enables a new, thinner single layer steel sheet steel gasket to be used.

The cylinder mind was taller and much more complex because of double overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder and also the placement of this oil control valves when it comes to dual VCT atop the camshafts.

Assessment and development work with the cylinder mind ended up being finished in both Australian Continent and within Ford in the United States.


Formerly cast iron, the newest DOHC I6 items are actually roll forged to cope with the greater a lot of the increase rev restriction. The centers is annoyed out to save yourself pounds, which helps toughness the increasing rev limitation.

A simplex instead of duplex chain now pushes the camshafts. This saves body weight, improves NVH and permits more compact packaging.

Device train

Duratec-style finger supporters are utilized between camshaft lobes and valve stems since they are the most friction efficient and latest approach to valve control.

The typical Duratec build has-been enhanced for application on Falcon with the addition of a video to keep the lash adjuster towards rocker for improved reliability.

The device train try light than prior to but the weight saving was counterbalance by the doubling of equipment due to the four-valve arrangement.

Valves has a domed head and no lip, to restrict tumble in chamber also provide close sitting. For committed LPG machines the valves and valve seating are hardened.

The valve train geometry comes from an American specification V-engine with inclined cylinder minds. For use in the Falcon I6, the coolant and oil passageways had been redesigned using computer-aided engineering.

The valves become sized for maximum volumetric effectiveness. A unique computer system plan had been used to analyse effectiveness and recognize the suitable power and torque scatter at all burden rates.

Coil on connect

Changing to a coil-on-plug system removes the necessity for high-tension guides, improving dependability and toughness for the ignition program.

The coil-on-plug setup additionally produces more capacity to the spark plug, although the lack of a provider pack on motor saves fat and gets better external packaging appearance.

Spark Plugs

Long-life plugs can be found at the heart of this burning chamber roof between your four valves.


The whole reworking associated with the cylinder mind for Barra required a totally brand-new water jacket.

Ford?s designers invested long and energy to create a fresh movement chart for the coolant in the cylinder head, using higher level computational fluid dynamics modelling in order to prevent hotspots and to secure a rapid movement of coolant through the mind.

Temperatures administration studies uncovered the requirement to place deflection vanes to fit coolant past hotspots - eg fatigue valve chairs - at greater velocities to provide as also a-spread of temperature across the head that you can.

The result of the CFD work is a 30 per cent decrease in the amount of coolant required, which provides a quicker warm-up price and a concurrent lowering of weight. The more also running heat, in conjunction with the enhanced rigidity of this head, will increase durability levels even more.

The primary cooling radiator properties a higher ability, higher efficiency alloy core.

Burning chamber

The compression ratio regarding the brand-new I6 motor try increased from 9.65:1 to 9.7:1, while the dedicated LPG system compression ratio was raised still further to profit gasoline intake even more. They now works at 10.7:1, a substantial increase from earlier engine?s 9.65:1 degree.

This equals best gas intake from same spark.

The burning chamber design was customized to support the four valve head and centrally mounted spark plug.

Engineers on both sides of this Pacific worked to lessen in-cylinder tumble for lots more efficient burn and minimize combustion harshness that often becomes evident at higher revs.

The inlet harbors within the cylinder mind were modified to give significantly higher flow coefficients compared to the previous motor, before accounting for four-valve advantages.

As inlet tract volumetric effectiveness increases, so also do top power and breathing over the rev number.

Powertrain Control Module

The BA Falcon?s main computers has been substantially upgraded.

Faster, and effective at far greater amounts of calculations, the PCM now needs to incorporate new systems such as the Electronic Throttle Control, twin VCT and cruise controls, as well as gas shot and automated gearbox equipment shift integration.

Knock sensor

A generation hit control method happens to be created the Barra I6 motor to avoid the potentially harmful effects of detonation including to cope with variable gas high quality.

Its triggered over the entire rev number.

Advantages for users is enhanced should they run-on premiums Unleaded fuel. Increasing spark advance implies more power and better usage advantages minus the threat of detonation.

Electronic Throttle Controls

The higher level BA Falcon swoops in with jet fighter derived fly-by-wire motor control promoting most motorist advantages.

Drive-by-wire has been adopted by many state-of?the-art European luxury vehicles. It absolutely was developed into the aviation business where their reliability and durability is demonstrated under difficult running conditions.

BA?s use of Electronic Throttle Control leads the Australian marketplace. It's the earliest in your area made vehicle to feature such large technologies.

Drive-by-wire is equipped as standard to all the BA models. It gives accuracy control over acceleration, assists in easing fuel usage and emissions, and increases since the cruise control actuation system, conserving fat and improving NVH.

In addition permits smooth integration and activation associated with double VCT system by being capable track precise throttle opportunities.

BA etcetera utilizes a digital url to replace the original mechanical accelerator cable and linkages that wound their way through the driver?s footwell through the firewall and around the motor to your throttle dish.

etcetera also dispenses using the technical cruise control cable, reducing system bay NVH transmission to the cabin.

an such like registers the career associated with accelerator pedal and transmits that information toward Powertrain controls Module. The PCM subsequently authorises the throttle plate to open.

The etcetera?s obtain the throttle becoming unsealed try in contrast to information provided to your motor administration system from detectors controlling products such gasoline force, system heat and automated transmission condition.

Formerly the motorist used the accelerator pedal to start the throttle plate and a posture sensor regarding the plate relayed that facts towards Powertrain Control Module.

By reversing the process, better throttle dish control was reached, assisting to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The system had been fine-tuned for BA Falcon in colaboration with Ford?s engineers in the United States.

Driver benefits incorporate:

Persistence of pedal feel as well as greater responsiveness to accelerator inputs.

Smoother wedding of traction control because the gas offer is certainly not suddenly terminated in low traction circumstances but low in infinitely flexible increments.

A far more refined wedding associated with the rev limiter function.

Considerably seamless activation and re-engagement associated with the cruise controls system.

Fine throttle controls for reduced speed manoeuvring and optimised pedal response for high-speed kickdown.

Smooth idle by way of inputs through the Powertrain Control Module rather than the technical throttle by-pass system - today removed.

Electronics are far more reliable and durable and do not need regular maintenance like mechanical systems.

Inlet system

The inlet region happens to be opened for better movement as the inlet manifold goes on with a double resonance manifold build.

The two athletes create a long road for low-down torque but above a group rev limit switch to a reduced road to get more top-end speed and spacious throttle overall performance.

Rev limiter

The application of the digital throttle control enables the implementation of a far more processed rev limiter that partcipates in a smoother manner.


The BA Falcon?s I6 block consists of cast iron but topped by an alloy cylinder head. The block try lighter than earlier, partly due to the deletion associated with the auxiliary drive shaft that drove the oils pump and distributor.

Deleting the drive shaft additionally benefits NVH.

The drive shaft housing was shaven off the region of the block while the oils pump are installed on the termination of the crankshaft.

Oil Pump

The oil pump are a unique design which driven by the crankshaft. The pump housing slips across end associated with crank in front of this engine.

The pump has-been specifically made to cope with the increased rev limit for the I6 system.

Previously the oil pump was driven at cam-speed via an additional drive shaft.

In order to prevent cavitation, the style has-been optimised using the 6000rpm purple range in mind. The pump happens to be 25 percent more cost-effective.

Suitable the oils pump from the crank are an attribute of Duratec engines.


The cross-bolted alloy sump, designed for this new I6 motor in 1998, happens to be further processed and changed. The oils pan is biased towards a far more fast return of lubricant into oil pump grab, due to the requirements of this twin VCT camshaft phasers. There are twice the sheer number of device train components to lubricate.

Furthermore contained in the sump was a windage tray, close fitting underneath the rotating crankshaft, to improve energy and minimize aeration of oils.

Engine Mountings

Three newer hydraulic engine mountings connect the motor into the system bay. The aluminum mounts become stiffer to dial out NVH transmission.

Practical Start

This smart lock-out system prevents the starter becoming inadvertently engaged whenever motor are run.

Torrent of Torque From Brand New V8

BA Falcon may be the first vehicle in the world to use the newest 5.4-litre 3-valve motor from Ford's Windsor plant in Canada. It boasts VCT variable camshaft time regarding the single expense camshaft per bank plus three valves per cylinder, electronic throttle control, failsafe cooling system and unique, Australian-designed inlet and fatigue manifolds.

Ford-world first for enhanced 5.4-litre system
Overhead camshafts
Three-valve head
VCT continually variable over 60 levels in accordance with the crankshaft
Aluminum cylinder heads
Roller hand follower valvetrain
Electronic throttle control
Coil on connect ignition
Failsafe cooling

The BA Falcon?s brand new high-tech 5.4-litre 3-valve Barra 220 V8 engine provides a tower of energy with 220 kW and an outstanding 472 Nm of torque between 3250 rpm and 4000 rpm.

The surfeit of torque makes towing a piece of cake, as the muscular thumping overcome of a normal V8 sound will interest enthusiast drivers.

The new system may be available as an expense alternative across sedan and ute designs.

The newest 5.4-litre V8 is the earliest version for the substantially redesigned standard V8 family. Falcon is the very first Ford to use this system which today boasts VCT variable camshaft timing on single expense camshaft bank plus three valves per cylinder, electric throttle controls, failsafe coolant system and unique designed inlet and exhaust manifolds for the Falcon application.

The motor has undergone significant development to really make it perfectly suited to Falcon purchasers using their appreciation of big reserves of low-down torque.

A fat, level torque curve implies that the engine develops a lot of torque low-down and keeps on pulling all the way within the rev band.

The 3-valve program makes use of two inlet valves and something big circular exhaust device situated amongst the inlet valves.

The usage of two intake valves improves fuel-air mixing ahead of combustion. This can help to squeeze all the power away from each burning celebration, enhancing power distribution and fuel efficiency.

Multiple valves additionally boost the motor?s power to "breathe" ? which, to move large amounts of atmosphere in and out associated with cylinders ? that is a key to producing maximum energy.

Adjustable Cam Timing

Ford?s newer three-valve cylinder mind utilizes an individual expense camshaft for every bank of cylinders. The webcams push down on roller finger supporters to open up the intake and exhaust valves, that are sealed by coil springs.

Traditional camshafts were permanently synchronised using engine?s crankshaft so that they function the valves at a specific part of each combustion cycle.

Variable cam timing enables the valves is run at different points into the combustion pattern, to produce performance which precisely tailored to your system?s specific speed and burden at the time. The time is defined to allow the very best functionality over the engine?s regular operating number.

The end result was enhanced effectiveness under low-load problems, including at idle or highway cruising, and enhanced power for brisk speed or on occasion of popular.

Among the other benefits generated by adjustable cam time and electric spark control:

A unique "cold-start" method allows the newest three-valve system to realize running temperatures faster, reducing emissions.
Adjustable device timing decreases pumping losses - the task required to pull environment in and press exhaust out from the cylinder.
Force build up in the combustion chamber takes place more gradually during each firing, specifically at lower system rates. This decreases running sound.
This build instantly channels some of burned gases back in the cylinder, to enhance performance and minimize emissions. As well as getting rid of the additional fatigue fuel recirculation circuit, this design decreases temperatures inside intake manifold. Cooler intake environment possess higher density, which enhances energy and effectiveness.

Designers could actually profile a torque bend that's higher at lowest revs, without sacrificing high-end power. Torque increases at a comparatively constant price through the working range.

Enhanced Refinement

Such as the improvements in total engine performance, improvements into the brand new three-valve motor?s refinement derive from a host of design services, in place of a single breakthrough.

In an illustration this is certainly typical for the holistic approach Ford engineers delivered to this newer motor build, the consumption and exhaust manifolds that emit better ventilation and enhanced effectiveness are also built to promote quieter procedure.

Ford?s noise, vibration and harshness engineers made use of computer system modelling to design vibration-resistant ribbing and support in to the aluminum intake manifold.

Likewise, the newest system?s pistons have already been formed with noise decrease in head. The pistons have extended side skirts than previously, assisting to manage piston movement and minimise piston slap.

The three-valve build itself assisted to reduce running noise, whilst the engineers could balance the forces created by valve and spring movement against one another, and aim the resultant power vectors toward the engine?s total centre of gravity. This reduces total system vibration ? and vibration equates to sounds.

The small build regarding the cylinder heads obviously has a lowered area, assisting to reduce radiated sound. Roller-finger camshaft followers used in the cylinder mind are both better and quieter than non-roller styles.

Additionally near the top of the system, latest magnesium cam protects offer the vibration-resistance of aluminum, at paid off pounds. They've been totally remote from vibration via rubber grommets integral towards the mounting system.

Reinforcing ribs cast into the cam protects, also a structural baffle plate into the underside for the protects, are both computer designed to reduce audible vibrations.

NVH engineers took a different sort of strategy with all the engine?s front cover, which must bear the mechanical stresses for the accessory drive gear.

Inside latest "managed standoff" build, solid metal can be used within guidelines where in actuality the cover bolts into the motor block, but a rubberized gasket damps oscillations between installing points. This refinement alone is responsible for a one-decibel lowering of total noise values.

Behind this address, a fresh tensioner, reshaped to manage little side-to-side sequence movements, further decreases the noises of the string drive system.

The system block itself is stiffer than in the past, through extension of computer-designed reinforcements throw to the block sidewalls, and thicker metal across the gasket surfaces. This, in combination with a brand new design oil cooking pan made from a sandwich of material around a plastic core, helps to minimise sound transmission through the base regarding the system.

The cylinder head is machined in Canada and mated to intake and exhaust manifolds created by Ford V-Engine manufacturing in the us specifically for Falcon.

These assist boost high-end torque along with maintain the old-fashioned low-end grunt an engine with this configuration normally produces.

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Remove the 2 bolts securing the rotor, and remove the disc - check for debris caught between the rotor & hub. Also spin the front hubs a few times to check for smoothness & tightness. Wire brush it all, and re-assemble. Put some large nuts (or spacers) over the studs, and put all 5 wheel nuts back on.

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