AU Series 1 2 3 Workshop printed manual Indigo Books

AU Series 1 2 3 Workshop printed manual

The Ford AU Falcon is a full size automobile created by Ford Australian Continent between September 1998 and September 2002. It sported Ford's new and radically various build language, labelled "brand new Edge", that has been being introduced worldwide. For the first

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manual: 4.0L Six-piston motors. Please note: This manual DOES NOT include information specific to vee eight and LPG models. .Inside this manual you will find: scheduled upkeep routine engine tuning motor repair cooling and heating air-conditioning fuel and exhaust emissions control ignition brakes suspension and Rack and pinion wirings and wiring diagrams.Haynes workshop and service manuals are money saving on maintenance and repair bills. progressive procedures and illustrations guide you through every job from basic maintenance and troubleshooting to complete teardown rebuild. full details

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(3984 cubic centimetre ) Fairmont Ghia VCT OHC 6 cylinder ● 4.0 litre (3984 cubic centimetre ) XR6 VCT OHC 6 cylinder NOTE: V8 motors are not covered. Transmissions described are: ● Tremec BTR (Borg Warner) M57 5-speed manual ● BTR 93 LE 4-speed automatic NOTE: Only maintenance adjustment minor repair procedures plus removal and installation are described for the transmissions. more tips

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mechanical restoration maintenance bodywork electrical diagrams diagnostic procedures specifications. Covers both 5 gear manual BTR 93/97LE automatic gearboxes. motors described are all petrol motors except the 4.0L I6 LPG which is a dedicated LPG motor: 4.0L I6 OHC SElectronic Fuel Injection 4.0L I6 HP 4.0L I6 VCT 4.0L I6 LPG 5.0L vee eight 5.0L vee eight HO gearboxs described are: M57 5-speed manual BTR 93LE four geared automatic (6-cylinder) BTR 97LE four geared automatic (vee eight) Contents: General Information. motor Tune-Up and Maintenance. 6 Cylinder motor Maintenance and Rebuild. vee eight motor Maintenance and Rebuild. Starter System. Charging System - Automotive alternator and Battery. Cooling System. Ignition Fuel and Emission Systems. Clutch. Automatic gearbox BTR 93/97LE. 5 Speed Manual gearbox. Drive / Tail Shaft and Universal Joints. Wagon. Grounds Part 3. Power Distrubition. Body Electronics Module - Low Series. Body Electronics Module - High Series. Electronic Fuel Injection 4.0 liter. Electronic Fuel Injection 5.0 liter. LPG 4.0 liter. Starting and Charging System. Automatic gearbox. motor Cooling Fans. ABS Traction here

The Ford AU Falcon is a full size automobile created by Ford Australian Continent between September 1998 and September 2002. Its range, comprising the Fairmont, is the very first of 6th generation Ford Falcon.

It sported Ford's new and radically various build language, labelled "brand new Edge", that has been being introduced worldwide. The goal of this design was to entice a younger generation of purchasers with avant-garde appearances, however, in Australian Continent they polarized public-opinion on advantage of the greater naturally designed opponent, the 1997 Holden Commodore.

For the first time in Falcon's record, Independent Rear suspension system became available as standard on some models and recommended on other people and, as an Australian manufacturing very first, several of their 6-cylinder motors additionally featured adjustable Cam time.
Adjustable Camshaft Timing try a car adjustable valve timing technology produced by Ford. It permits to get more optimum motor efficiency, paid down emissions, and enhanced gasoline effectiveness when compared with motors with fixed camshafts. It uses digitally managed hydraulic valves that direct questionable motor oils into the camshaft phaser hole. These oils control solenoids is bolted in to the cylinder heads towards front side associated with the system close to the camshaft phasers. The powertrain control module transmits a signal towards solenoids to move a valve spool that regulates the circulation of oils towards the phaser cavity. The phaser hole adjustment the device time by rotating the camshaft a little from the initial positioning, which results in the camshaft time becoming advanced or retarded. The PCM adjusts the camshaft timing depending on issue such as for instance system load and RPM.

For twin cam or DOHC motors, VCT was used on either the consumption or exhaust camshaft. The employment of variable camshaft time on fatigue camshaft is actually for enhanced emissions, and cars with VCT on the fatigue camshaft do not require exhaust petrol recirculation as retarding the exhaust cam timing achieves equivalent outcome. VCT from the consumption camshaft is used primarily for increasing motor energy and torque while the PCM is able to optimize the orifice of intake valves to suit the motor circumstances.

VCT can be used in Ford's Triton 5.4L 3-valve V8 motor, the Australian Barra 182 and 240 Inline-6s, and Ford's 4.6L 3-valve V8 system utilized in the 2006-2010 Ford Explorer and 2005-2010 Ford Mustang GT.

The 2.0L Zetec Inline-4 found in the 1998-2003 Ford Escort ZX2, Ford Contour, and 99-02 Mercury Cougar put VCT regarding fatigue camshaft. The 2002-2004 SVT Focus additionally featured VCT, but on intake camshaft of its modified type of the 2.0L Zetec system. In addition, the 1.7L Zetec-S engine based in the European Ford Puma had been equipped with variable camshaft timing. The 6.2L V8 launched into the 2010 SVT Raptor in addition makes use of VCT. That engine has actually one cam per bank, so it is dual-equal adjustable cam timing.
AU Falcon was an all new automobile, and as with previous brand-new models, Ford Aus initially checked overseas for an upgraded. Back in 1989, because swollen prices, it was intended neighborhood production would-be shut down additionally the future Falcon will be changed with an import.
AU Falcon
But in 1993, John Ogden persuaded Ford United States that axing Falcon and replacing they with a forward drive car will be commercial suicide. It was temporary, but because in 1994, Ford 2000 had been launched, a radical restructuring of Ford’s worldwide operations, intended to share across the same goods platforms and motors across all markets. The 1996 Ford Taurus is considered, although research suggested that 69% of Falcons have towbars fitted. There was clearly a notion that rear-wheel drive vehicles towed much better - the Taurus is front drive - plus the Taurus could not hold a V8 engine. There would additionally be hardly any other variants - simply a sedan and truck. The European Ford Scorpio and Mazda 929 had been in addition considered but they are too narrow and would place the Falcon to the Camry/Magna lessons. Ford United States grudgingly consented to an all-new Falcon, utilizing the proviso it would manage the key build and development decisions.
Services could today began on more questionable area of the AU - their styling. Main designer Steve Park’s concise would be to result in the automobile look modest, light, tighter and absolutely nothing like their competitor. “We couldn't need reheat the old soup,” Park said. Immediately after early sketches and clay products, Ford’s stupid “New Edge” international design philosophy begun to emerge. Brand new side results in taut, sharp surfaces with sharp angles, offering a far more athletic stance as opposed to the gentler, rounded shapes of several early-1990s automobiles. The European Ford Ka while focusing become prime examples of this radical styling theme.
Study showed that the normal Falcon customer ended up being male inside the 40s or 50s, therefore the marketers wished the car to appear a little smaller and softer, to focus feminine purchasers, however lithe adequate to entice younger males.

What resulted had been a sleeker, European influenced car, with unique side triangular headlights and end lights, a prominent side crease line and a domed roof. The car appeared droopy and sad, particularly the rear-end, therefore ended up being criticised considering that the wheels performedn’t fill the large wheel arches. The AU is 11mm smaller versus EL and 20mm greater, therefore the New advantage design actually triggered a much more aerodynamic car. “We felt the Falcon must have a little bit more adventurous styling, leading end graphics need to be seen from down the road, ergo the greater amount of bold front-end treatment,” said Steve Park. Each design was visually differentiated by different grilles. The Forte, replacing the GLi, wore the questionable “waterfall” fan grille. Silver in color, they contained 35 straight spokes, and you also either treasured they or disliked they. The Futura featured an infinitely more conventional horizontal procedures. It had alloy tires, while both cars had black mirrors and amber back signs. The strength and Futura, as well as the XR models and utes, showcased the lower series bonnet, which had a sharp knife down the center.
Upcoming up had been the Fairmont and Fairmont Ghia. These models shared the same grille: strong chrome trim surrounding a honeycomb mesh, with a horizontal chrome or body-coloured bar at the center. Both Fairmonts have body-coloured mirrors and clear rear indicators, plus the high series bonnet.
The XR designs held their particular trademark four headlight design, best now they took in a more radical, menacing appearance. These people were provided showy body kits with forward spoiler, rocker mouldings, rear door panel flares, rear bumper skirt and decklid spoiler.
Having its origins dating back to towards late seventies, the ancient ute was replaced in 1999 because of the AU ute. Surprisingly, they had best fortunes as compared to struggling AU sedan, and became a best seller. There have been XR variations, with similar front end as sedans, in addition to reduced spec models, with regards to very own egg-crate grille. Some Forte people installed their particular automobiles with this latest grille, as did some hopeless Ford dealers. Ford caught on, plus late 1999, the limited edition Falcon Timeless sported the egg-crate. Steering from the conventional ute design, the Falcon ute was offered as a cab chassis or a mode part ute.
As constantly, there was clearly a fresh truck. Offered as a strength, Futura and Fairmont, they shared similar aesthetic differentation associated with sedans.
With regards to stumbled on designing the AU’s interior, Marcus Hotblack, Ford’s Manager of Interior Design, had been determined to avoid “the wrap-around cocoon feel” of automobile interiors, where in fact the settings and instruments had been angled to the motorist. This lead to a big, circular blob at the heart associated with the dashboard, which together with the “medium graphite” colour scheme, offered a sparse, downmarket sensation. Because the manufacturers are obsessed with differentiating versions, the Fairmonts were given another “high series” dashboard with plastic woodgrain. Seats are redesigned and because an almost completely new floorplan, the driver’s seat ended up being noticably reduced. The domed roofline provided considerably forward and rear headroom, but there is a little less neck area and rear legroom. All brands showcased stereo settings within the tyre, and an optional cellular office system was available.
AU Falcon’s engines showed up the same as the EL at first but they are so enhanced that Ford advertised these were all-new and known as them Intech. Significant modifications on standard six decreased sound, vibration and harshness levels and delivered 5% much better fuel usage. The XR6 had been run on the high end Intech, the typical V8 attained even more power and torque, whilst XR8 V8 created more torque. There have been two brand-new Tickford produced machines with variable device timing - a primary for an Australian car. One was fitted to the Fairmont Ghia, another to your brand new XR6 VCT. All sixes came with a temperature sensor in cylinder head, detecting coolant control, and permitting the automobile to “limp home” by cutting cylinders. Transmissions had been enhanced for much better change feeling, additionally the car had been recalibrated to raised match this new engines.

After much debate during developing, independent back suspension system became readily available for the 1st time, traditional in the Fairmont Ghia plus some XR models. Some sort of course two fold wishbone IRS setup was used, instead of the older trailing supply IRS.
Ford chose to play the value-for-money card for its $700 million Falcon, so when it had been released, the Forte sedan was $29990 with standard automated and air-conditioning. However the Falcon had hassle creating missing ground. The AU number received mainly positive reviews because of the media, it absolutely was the like it or hate they design that spoilt an otherwise exemplary car. A quiet inform in middle 1999 resulted in a larger brake booster, 24mm decreased suspension and some more tweaks.
Towards the higher end associated with the marketplace were the T-Series designs, the Falcon XR8 based TE50, the Fairmont Ghia formulated TS50 as well as the Fairlane depending TL50. We were holding marketed beneath the FTE name, FTE being an acronym for Ford Tickford Enjoy, a joint endeavor between Ford Australia and Tickford.

Because insufficient business of Ford overall performance sedans and Holdens profits using its 5.7 litre GM produced V8, Ford are forced to within the ante with a run of greater efficiency sedans that could give purchasers a comparable involving the two brands and aid the marketing mostly the fault of this suffering XR show.

Tickford instantly began growth of the 5 litre Windsor beginning with the extension of a longer-throw crankshaft stretching-out the capacity to 5.6 litres. The energy ended up being upped from 220 kW to 250 kW while the torque upped from 430Nm to 500Nm. This provided birth into the FTE TS50, TL50 and TE50.

Just Three T3 TL 50's were made and only one ended up being built-in 2002 one other two had been made in 2001, creating the TL50 one of many rarest Fords built-in Australia

The FTE T Series products, of produced from 1999 to 2002, showcased hand-built motors with an engraved plaque bearing the name regarding the engine creator.

A majority of these issues were dealt with using AU show II and show III revisions. They included:

the "high series" lifted bonnet from Fairmont models
a more conventional and common front grille when it comes to volume Forté and Futura number
boost level and width when it comes to backside bumper
a laminated firewall, enhanced under-carpet asphalting and hydraulic system mounts to cut back NVH
upgraded braking program with 278 mm rotors at the front, brand new two-piston calipers and a greater capacity brake booster
16" wheels
lowered floor approval with new surprise absorbers and low-friction ball-joints
higher quality interior plastics
standard cloth and darker "warm charcoal" interiors
uprated sound techniques
upgraded SmartShield security measures with a transponder located in the key
standard front side airbags across the number.

Body strength increases, geared towards increasing occupant security as well as the Falcon's rating within the separate NCAP crash test plan, had been in addition obtained. More safety improvements include the inclusion of a passenger airbag and seatbelt pretensioners regarding the front side seating over the number.

Additional services included the introduction of a 100 watt stereo with single-slot CD athlete, adjustable periodic wipers and door lock/unlock switch in the tool panel as well as the equipment update on the entry Forté design, to shrug off preliminary impressions the reduced spending plan perception linked to the earliest AU show. Furthermore throughout the range, Ford today supplied 3-years or 60,000 km value of planned servicing within the price.

The conventional show II range included:

Falcon Forté, 4.0L, "Intech" 6-cyl, Sedan/Wagon, 157 kW, 357Nm
Falcon Forté, 5.0L, "Windsor" V8, Sedan, 175 kW, 395Nm
Falcon S, 4.0L, "Intech" 6-cyl, Sedan, 157 kW, 357Nm
Falcon Futura, 4.0L, "Intech" 6-cyl, Sedan/Wagon, 157 kW, 357Nm
Fairmont, 4.0L, "Intech" 6-cyl, Sedan/Wagon, 157 kW, 357Nm
Fairmont Ghia, 4.0L, "Intech VCT" 6-cyl, Sedan, 168 kW, 370Nm
Fairmont Ghia, 5.0L, "Windsor" V8, Sedan, 175 kW, 395Nm
Falcon XR6, 4.0L, "Intech" 6-cyl, Sedan, 164 kW, 366Nm
Falcon XR6 VCT, 4.0L, "Intech VCT" 6-cyl, Sedan, 172 kW, 374Nm
Falcon XR8, 5.0L, "Windsor" V8, Sedan, 200 kW, 420Nm
Falcon XR8, 5.0L, "Windsor" V8, Sedan, 220 kW, 435Nm - same energy as very early FTE Falcon T-series.

Sedan-based limited editions included the: X-Pack, SR, Futura Classic, Futura & Fairmont Ghia 75th Anniversary, XR6 & XR8 Rebel.

Augmenting the X-Pack, in late 2000 Stillwell Ford dealers in Southern Australian Continent launched a Sportryder variant, which added an enhanced and decreased sport suspension system making use of Pedders equipment for A$29,990.

The Falcon Utility show II number included the XL, XLS, XR and XR8. Limited editions included the Tradesman, recreations Edition & Marlin therefore the quest.

The FTE Falcon Show II number made up:

TE50, 5.0L, "Windsor" V8, Sedan, 220 kW, 435Nm, handbook or automatic, considering Fairmont Ghia
TS50, 5.0L, "Windsor" V8, Sedan, 220 kW, 435Nm, automatic-only, according to Fairmont Ghia.

The Series III number had been as preceding, aside from:

the discontinuance of this Falcon S
more powerful FTE Falcon models and introduction of a Falcon XR8 goal 250 Utility on next number:

TE50, 5.6L, "Windsor" V8, Sedan, 250 kW, 500Nm, manual or automated, based on Falcon
TS50, 5.6L, "Windsor" V8, Sedan, 250 kW, 500Nm, manual or automated, considering Fairmont Ghia.

Ford AU Show III Falcon SR sedan

Externally, the Series III, which was provided in the Sydney Motorshow in November 2001 by shock, featured body-coloured mirrors and part pieces plus standard side dresses and different rims on some products. Headlights became a shade darker, part indicators clear and a dot matrix windscreen was put into decrease sun glare. With regards to interiors, further services had been added as standard: Futura - rear power house windows and velour trim; Fairmont - 6-way power-adjustable motorist's seat; Fairmont Ghia - 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat and leather trim. Though abdominal muscles became standard across the number, the XR systems missing equipment: XR6 - limited-slip differential today optional; all XR's - stereo downgrade to a 4-speaker single-CD device. A bodykit promoted as "Havoc" became recommended on all Falcons with XR8 purchasers also having the selection of a Tickford bodykit or the Ford rushing human anatomy kit. Fairmont and XR could also potioned because of the "REX" package, enabling back traveler to relax and play DVD movies or connect game systems.

Over the show II and III stage, the production of the "Windsor" is phased out, with staying models sent to Australian Continent for developing and application by Tickford. These hand-built engines became many powerful normally aspirated EFI "Windsor" on earth. The six-cylinder "Intech" motor also would not escape improvements, utilizing the Falcon XR6 obtaining VCT. The latter engine, though detuned to 168 kW by using a quieter exhaust system, powered the Fairmont Ghia.

The combined creation of Falcon Series II and III totaled 237,701 devices.

Initial variety of the AU Falcon was launched under the marketing and advertising slogan "You've come a long way baby".

The typical AU range included:

Falcon Forté, 4.0L, "Intech" 6-cyl, Sedan/Wagon, 157 kW, 357Nm - to rival the Holden Commodore administrator
Falcon Forté, 5.0L, "Windsor" V8, Sedan, 175 kW, 395Nm - as above
Falcon S, 4.0L, "Intech" 6-cyl, Sedan, 157 kW, 357Nm - to rival Holden Commodore S
Falcon Futura, 4.0L, "Intech" 6-cyl, Sedan/Wagon, 157 kW, 357Nm - to rival the Holden Commodore recognition
Fairmont, 4.0L, "Intech" 6-cyl, Sedan/Wagon, 157 kW, 357Nm - to rival the Holden Berlina
Fairmont Ghia, 4.0L, "Intech VCT" 6-cyl, Sedan, 168 kW, 370Nm - to rival the Holden Calais
Fairmont Ghia, 5.0L, "Windsor" V8, Sedan, 175 kW, 395Nm - since above
Falcon XR6, 4.0L, "Intech" 6-cyl, Sedan, 164 kW, 366Nm
Falcon XR6 VCT, 4.0L, "Intech VCT" 6-cyl, Sedan, 172 kW, 374Nm
Falcon XR8, 5.0L, "Windsor" V8, Sedan, 185 kW, 412Nm - to rival the Holden Commodore SS.

The newest Forté model ended up being the replacement for the old GLi designation. It had been created and promoted to attract to fleet buyers in addition to younger drivers. When brand-new, the car had been competitively priced at A$30,690 with automatic transmission and air-con fitted as standard.
Ford AU Falcon Futura

The greater 'up-spec' model ended up being labeled as the Falcon Futura, that has been promoted as a family-oriented security bundle in the same vogue given that rival Holden Commodore recognition. The Futura differed from Forté in creating a body colored grille, standard ABS, cruise controls, alloy wheels and an electronic clock built in the center console. The price tag on the automobile whenever latest is A$34,990.

The Falcon Classic had been a small edition sedan based on the above products, which was released in June 1999 to improve purchases. It passed down an egg-crate grille through the non-XR energy number, twin airbags, ABS brakes, cruise control, upgraded speakers, a "warm charcoal" inside, energy aerial, unique trim, 15 inch alloys, low-profile back spoiler, bumper inserts and status paint. Its best retail price had been A$30,690.

The Ford Falcon S sedan was also in line with the Forté but designed as an entry level activities version. It realized this through additional services particularly body-coloured grille, alloy tires, S decals on back quarters and bootlid, non-IRS sports suspension system and increased levels spoiler. Along with alternatives had been limited by Hot Chilli Red, fluid Silver, vibrant light, Galaxy and Silhouette.

The Fairmont is the basic luxury model of the AU range to face-off their primary competitor, the Holden Berlina. It have all the fittings for the Futura but included extras particularly a honeycomb grille, an 80 second headlamp off wait, wood grain-look dash inserts, unique 15" tires, twin horns, Fairmont badging regarding the boot cover and an analogue time clock. The Fairmont ended up being available in sedan and station wagon bodystyles. Over the Fairmont was the Fairmont Ghia, that was the best non-performance requirements design in the number and sedan best. It have further properties that included unique tires and more timber grain-look dash inserts. Fairmont & Fairmont Ghia brands are not badged as Falcons.
Ford AU Falcon XR6
Ford AU Falcon XR8 - with recommended bi-wing

The XR Series ended up being the high performance end associated with range. It comprised the XR6, XR6 VCT, XR6 VCT Sprint in addition to XR8 with a unique quad-lamp front bumper club and non-high end bonnet. All Series I XR's might have a choice of a complete Tickford bodykit and special bi-wing rear spoiler.

Outside model differentiation was realized via the use of different grilles and bonnets plus fundamental accessories such as different alloy wheel design, rear light groups, system colour-coordination and chrome accessories. The wagons showcased a unique rear-end in accordance with the prior generation Falcons. Around, the Fairmont and XR design featured complete instrumentation therefore the Fairmont twins furthermore used an alternative dashboard. As opposed to the standard Falcon featuring a big oval pod incorporating ac and stereo, the luxury twin showcased a 2-level distributed to the long-wheelbase AU Fairlane/LTD, with a different top level featuring a woodgrain-like trim across to the passenger side that integrated an analogue clock, travel computers and weather controls.

Only the Fairmont Ghia and Falcon XR6 VCT showcased "Intech" machines generated by Tickford car Engineering with adjustable valve time. IRS is fitted as traditional regarding the Falcon XR6 VCT, XR8 and Fairmont Ghia, and recommended of all various other sedan models; the XR systems being the only ones which could additionally be fitted with a small slide differential.

Despite competitive pricing and highest standard equipment relative to its competitors, particularly for the new entry Forté, deals for the AU failed to complement those of this past model, the EL Falcon. This is partially because of deficiencies in enthusiasm by users when it comes to "unique Edge" design, alteration of fleet purchase rates plus the long-term decrease looking for big vehicles.


Ford AU Falcon XL Supercab Energy
Ford AUII Falcon XR8 Utility

The number of AU Falcon energy vehicles was released in Summer 1999. They supplied Falcon XL, XLS, XR6 and XR8 style side utility designs, a cab-chassis design and a cab-chassis with factory installed drop-side tray. The latter had been the very first tray utility vehicle that Ford Australian Continent have created for quite a while.

The body of this AU Falcon utility differed in design from the contending Holden Ute in that the cargo tray is separate from the cab, whereas the tray is an integral part of the body layer within the Holden. Thus, this permitted a corner to accept various after markets human anatomy sort, including tray porches, services systems, and camper van shells. Unlike the sedan, the AU Falcon utility automobiles are extremely popular.

Place the base down and you'll believe it is considerably happy to rev previous 2800rpm. They however gets breathless and a little harsh whenever stretched, but it is a large improvement.

Now labeled as Intech, the system pumps from exact same 157kW and 357Nm of torque given that older motor but it is believed to incorporate 5 percent less supply than before.

Outputs could be the same but a weight-loss around 40 kilograms features helped augment off-the-line agility. Because of this, the latest design feels considerably frisky than its forerunner - touch the accelerator and car leaps from the range.

But acceleration examinations have shown that around 100kmh any advantage over the Commodore was eroded, aided by the two competitors about line-ball at the same time.

The conventional automated transmission gives no-fuss, relatively smooth modifications.

Those trying to find independent rear suspension are disappointed that it is located on the choices checklist at $1400. If you spend your lifetime pottering all over suburbs then you probably will not appreciate the double-wishbone rear setup. If you enjoy driving or fork out a lot of the time at high-speed on nation roads, it really is worth the investments.

Under pressure, the IRS Falcon provides a far more controlled somewhat plusher trip that may handle bumps and quick modifications between complete compression and full extention, without getting flustered.

The live axle fitted to the Futura, while improved on older automobile, can certainly still kick and grumble - specially on harsh dirt roadways.

The car's double-wishbone front side suspension system is all newer. They combines because of the modified rear-end to supply an even more luxurious ride than before. But there is a short harshness over small ridges and lumps that's lacking in its resistance.

At usual roadway rate the maneuvering seems good, aided by the huge Falcon shrinking around the driver and encouraging you to definitely press on. The well-weighted and accurate steering support much here. It really is top class.

Push the vehicle to their restrictions also it understeers highly, and fundamentally isn't as nimble due to the fact other individuals in its lessons. The good thing is the old throttle-off oversteer difficulties that affected some earlier brands - and afraid a few a lot of proprietors - went.

Their latest form has actually helped slice the vehicle's drag element down seriously to a great 0.295, but the vehicle we drove had too-much wind whistle.

There is no question that AU Falcon try a huge improvement across old design. It is often enhanced in essentially all areas, in truth it offers only caught up with the rest of in your area made automobiles. Yes, the styling is one step in front of the people, but Ford will not be as adventurous along with the rest of this vehicles.

Its qualifications, however, were improved if you think about its price, $34,490, which include automated transmission and air-conditioning. It is $1000 less expensive than the old car and $1680 below the VT Acclaim. The Commodore, but comes with separate back suspension and a passenger airbag, and total rates slightly in front of the Ford. The choice are yours.

* Kevin Cross, a they consultant, owns an EL Falcon and VR Commodore but has a soft area for Toyotas. Kevin would get a VT Commodore but a big discount designed the EL got the nod. He costs the new Falcon.

The styling: whenever I first spotted the AU I didn't enjoy it, but any automobile grows you. It looks a comparable size as before but it's more roomy in. I do not like roof line - it's also curved. The VT Commodore appears better, nevertheless the AU Falcon's appearances would not placed myself off buying they

On the inside: I don't like dash within the AU anyway. It offers probably already been designed to accommodate right and left-hand drive. I'm six foot but if you may be faster and also have to stay closer to the wheel, you would not be able to begin to see the heater settings. The center area of the dash should always be angled to the motorist. It really is a round bubble and I also don't specially want it.

The dash normally too plasticky. The EL's dash is much more delicate, better. But again, perhaps you'd become accustomed to they. However, i prefer the gray and azure regarding the AU Futura's cabin - but there is however some they.

I love to turn the dash lights straight down lower whenever travel on the road nevertheless the information screen with the AU's odometer continues to be very bright and takes your attention.

We liked the soft shoulder pad on the home and also the rest of the indoor had been rather great.

The seats are breathtaking. The EL chairs cause you to feel you are sitting on a large bolster cushion, whereas these seating become well shaped and extremely comfortable. They moulded beautifully to my straight back.

In general, the operating position was A1 when it comes to Ford.

On your way: The AU is extremely quick off the mark, whereas the EL takes some time for you get started. It is possible to truly spin the tires. It could bring many people into plenty of problems.

The engine quietness is very apparent compared with the EL and in addition using the V6 into the VR Commodore, which can be extremely noisy. This new Falcon's motor is also really smooth.

The AU sticks on path extremely nicely and I is extremely impressed using control. It's a light vehicles to-drive, so it feels as though a little vehicles.

The steering experience is quite good. Fords was previously extremely vague but this one is rather precise. Parking are a complete fantasy; it really is a dream to twist the steeing wheel.

There is also a marked improvement inside trip over bumps.

One bad benefit of the AU is wind sounds. I would posses planning here would have been a hell of an improvement but that one is most noisy. On a trip to Geelong on highway there was clearly plenty of wind sounds.

The boot, with petrol struts regarding the top, is very good but you can accidently open up it therefore remains flat. There isn't any caution that it is unlocked. The boot might be open for several days, until you examined it.

The Decision:

The moment power together with method it holds the trail, its dimensions, benefits and benefits would motivate us to pick they. There is not much about this that will place me personally off. The dashboard is something nevertheless would become accustomed to they.

* John French try a self-confessed Ford man but he drives a VT Commodore Executive as a business vehicles along with his spouse recently bought an innovative new Calais. He costs the latest Falcon.

Regarding the styling: I like the appearance of the car. I'ts good, although at the back it sits only a little higher and there's too-much area under the wheel arches. The rear end would look better with a spoiler.

From the inside: the inside is very useful although VT Commodore seems a tad bit more modern. The Falcon's inside is just like any other car.

The light-grey shade most likely does not help. It creates it search a bit cheaper than the Commodore. But's their what sort of Commodore's dash moves down and warps around you that offers it a truly good touch.

In which the Falcon works is within the lay-out of this controls. Radio stations settings is huge and bulky and you may get at all of the buttons. The radio controls regarding controls, in addition to high-mounted heater settings, are easier to make use of than in the Commodore, and you're maybe not looking down on the heater while you manage when you look at the Commodore.

In addition like cruise controls in the Ford. It really is less fiddly than regarding the Commodore. But the rear seat does not have a center armrest and I also almost slashed my hand regarding chair runner moving the passenger seat back once again.

The operating position is excellent in both, but I perfer the Falcon. It is also better to get in and out of the Ford because does not have big wings privately of seat to have in how.

Utilizing the VT, you must climb in, eliminate your wallet and then settle in. The Falcon is in and on, plus the seating are particularly comfortable. We find the seat convenience good both in.

Performance: The Falcon has actually a "touchy" accelerator - it is very receptive. Because of the Holden, you must press its accelerator down to succeed go. Because of the Falcon, you just carefully touch it and you're off. I'm sure i'll run whenever I wish.

Functionality over the number is extremely comparable but I think the Ford's system is much more eager to rev compared to the Holden, but that can be a poor thing as I sometimes thought it should turn into the second equipment quicker. I suppose its some thing you would get accustomed to.

On sounds and sophistication: The engine is extremely quiet. I've no grievances on either automobile - both the Falcon and Holden are extremely quiet, although Ford has actually hook advantage. However, the Falcon emits a groan from tailshaft although the Commodore has a small vibration - but neither was worrying.

There's too much road sounds from the tyres on a dust path.

And it also had excessively wind noise. In the event that automobile have a roof rack it could experienced an excuse when it comes to level of wind sounds they had.

On the road: The steering on Falcon was far better. You change a corner and it is exceedingly receptive.

Underneath the damp problems i've been travel under recently, and tossing they around like i willn't, the Falcon is like a front-wheel drive the way in which they goes. The end only observe you. You're waiting around for they to flick down and oversteer also it simply does not take place.

When you look at the Commodore it lets you know when it is going to tail slide. In the Ford, you expect they to slip but it's not creating something. It just sticks.

At as much as 80kmh on a rough bitumen roadway you can listen the wheels and suspension working, you don't notice it inside. They've cut out about 90 % of this rock-and-roll you always enter Fords. Discover slightly left yet not much, that I thought is great. Both automobiles drive well over the lumps.

You obtain the effect that Falcon is narrower whenever you drive they. You are feeling confident squeezing through tight areas, while using the Holden you could back off and think, can I make it through this area?

The brake pedal feels best when you look at the Ford additionally the brake/accelerator place can be much better than the VT.

The Verdict

If I ended up being investing in the car i'd have to select the VT for three reasons. The wind sound in the Ford actually bugged me.The VT even offers a far more latest indoor and I also genuinely believe that the Commodore could have a much better resale worth.

However, if I had a selection as a business vehicles I may go after the Ford. I like to see when I'm on a wet road and understand i am not likely to lose they.

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AU Series 1 2 3 Workshop printed manual The Ford AU Falcon is a full size automobile created by Ford Australian Continent between September 1998 and September Falcon XR6 VCT, 4.0L, "Intech VCT" 6-cyl, Sedan, 172 kW, 374Nm Read xg falcon ute workshop manual Ford


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