Archangelic Meditation – Kim Fraser and Geoffery Russell – AudioBook CD

Archangelic Meditation by Kim Fraser and Geoffery Russell Get other Meditation Music Audio CDs click here Archangelic Meditation – By Kim Fraser and Geoffery Russell – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD About Archangelic Meditation This is a powerful process which will help you both to overcome obstacles which may be present in your life and to experience transcendent bliss. Regular practise of this mediation will bring more joyfulness progress and inner peace on your Spiritual journey. This CD has been designed to facilitate several different meditative experiences. The tracks are best enjoyed in the order that they are presented. However if you don t have time for all of it you can skip tracks and do the ones that you like best or perceive the most need for. On every occasion you should play track one the invocation first or use your own invocation before setting off on this meditation. After invoking we move into the Archangelic Communion temple. This is a place which exists outside of the physical dimension and which can be experienced through meditation. Archangelic Meditation – By Kim Fraser and Geoffery Russell – Meditation Audio CD click on

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